Friday, May 4, 2012

GLOBAL MARIJUANA MARCH on Saturday May 5, 2012

The Global Marijuana March is tomorrow. This is an important occasion not just because pot is a fun party drug but because pot also has many medicinal uses that should be harnessed.

Pot can help alleviate a myriad of medical issues from depression to pain relief. It can help cancer patients gain an appetite. It can relax your muscles from excruciating back pain. Use it to relieve pressure in the eyes from glaucoma.

How many crimes have been committed by people smoking pot? Just pot. Not pot and booze or crack or anything else.

Likely not many with the exception of actually smoking pot.

Pot makes most people mellow, some get paranoid which can work for or against them, and of course, most people get very hungry after smoking some pot.

Mildly depressed people sometimes find that have a few tokes on a joint can shift their moods enough to carry on with their day.

People with sexual hangups may become more sensual as they enjoy their bodies more when they're high although they can also just get more paranoid and hung up too, you have to experiment to find out what happens with your own chemistry.

If you have sleep disorders, trouble falling asleep, or wicked bad nightmares, smoking a joint before bedtime can help.

Don't ever smoke pot at work or while driving.

Come out to the pot march to help push the bill towards legalizing marijuana and learn more about all the benefits.

Global Marijuana March

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