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Sèphera Girón at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade June 2018

My brand new horoscope column launched this week along with the brand new Romance Daily News !

Romance Daily News is a daily digest that offers all kind of news and advice. They are on the lookout for book reviewers, columnists, and interns. In fact, they are looking for an astrology intern to work with me on a few projects, so please pop them an email if you're interested.

I'm still running my Lunch Time Tarot Card Reading a few times a week. I try to go online from noon to one pm EST every day but sometimes I have to work and can't come online. You can follow me on Twitch so that you get notified when I go online so you can come by and get your free "tarot card of the day" reading. You can look at some of the past recordings if you don't know what happens. It's all free so there's no excuse not to follow me and drop in when you can! You can come by, say hi in the chat room, I pull a card and read it and then you go on about your day. Or you can stay and we can also talk about writing, movies, and anything else under the sun.

Sèphera at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade June 2018

This past month saw me launching two courses for Udemy. They are both writing courses and both can be for all levels of writers. You don't have to be a writer. You don't have to know how to read or even own tarot cards to do the tarot card course. These links provide the lowest discounted price I'm allowed to offer! The price of two fancy coffees. So click away and write some stories! I'll be adding material to both courses over the next few months so if you're already signed up, you'll be the first to know when they hit.

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Solo ISN'T Tanking Because of "Star Wars Fatigue" ...

Solo is tanking because Disney doesn't care about old Star Wars Fans, you know, the ones with money and one or two generations of children. 

Star Wars fans NEVER get fatigue. There could be a new Star Wars film every weekend and it would make millions every time 


the writers cared about the fans.

But the Disney writers only care about themselves and how clever they can be in their own heads.

I've been watching it all from the sidelines. 

I saw people upset at the Force Awakens and how it was just a safe retread of The Last Hope. Some of us gave it a pass even though we were horribly disappointed about being lied to about seeing our three icons together again. 

I saw hundreds of negative reviews about Chuck Wendig's Aftermath trilogy because of his unique writing style and his immersion of United States politics into a galaxy far, far away. And he sure isn't helping himself or Star Wars franchise by calling fans, who were around long before he was born, names and that they are angry, racist, white men.

Sorry, not true. I'm a woman and Hispanic and I'm mad at the direction of the franchise as time goes on. 

Though I didn't read Chuck's Star Wars books, I saw hundreds of negative reviews. I saw hundreds of positive ones as well. It's still a best-seller. 

In Chuck's defense, he's an excellent author in horror and writing guides, but his unique style was jarring and unsettling for the Star Wars franchise. Some fan divide came there as some loved his quirky narrative and some hated it. The things that the fans didn't like from what I could discern included American politics, characters who some people call "social justice warriors," earth jargon, sexual orientation, and such. This is proving to be a theme in some of the other books and the new movie saga trilogy. And the spin-offs.

Disney is trying new things. Disney is testing a new direction. Disney has often been cutting edge and certainly was in its infancy, so it's not unexpected that Disney is trying to modernize Star Wars and taking a few risks. 

I went to The Force Awakens for only one reason. To see what happened to Luke Skywalker; what was he up to now? Was he married? Did he have kids? Was he a Captain or Governer or ruler of a Kingdom or teaching new Jedis? I didn't give a damn about Han Solo and was very curious about what happened to Leia. 

I wasn't the only one going to see Luke Skywalker. I was disappointed. So, I went along for the ride. It wasn't the movie I hoped for but I was going to be a good sport because I liked the character of Kylo Ren and some of the puzzles that were set up. Or at least, I thought there were puzzles set up waiting for eager fans to speculate about.

Thousands of us waited with bated breath for two years to see Luke's first words in something like thirty years. Quite frankly, I was in kind of a daze after the first time I saw The Force Awakens because I had fully expected the saga of Luke, Leia, and Han to continue with all three together from nearly the first frame. I expected them to be swept off on some kind of adventure that would NOT involve a Darth Vader type person nor a Death Star. I expected some of the catch phrases and lots of lightsaber battles. I expected lots of spaceships hurtling around and some newfangled alien designs. I also expected Han to die as I knew Harrison Ford wanted out of the series. 

But I accepted what we were given and played along.

In this age of social media, we all got swept up into the fun of theories and speculation. Dozens of questions were set up that we got excited about, so many teases, so many exciting ways the eighth movie could go.  So many of us spent two years writing articles, making videos, going to Star Wars Celebration, Comicons, buying toys, books, rewatching The Force Awakens to mine for clues about where the series would go. We thought Star Wars was an ongoing story, a connected universe with connected players and clues. A soap opera in space. A western in space. A simple fairy tale about good and evil with space wizards and an ancient religion. 

Star Wars is a comic book fun time. 

But those of us who were engaged, who bought toys, books, games, were in for a rude surprise in The Last Jedi.

Fans with certain expectations set up from the narrative structure of the previous seven movies were given the equivalent of a pie in the face. 

Yes, TLJ was beautiful to look at. 

There was some cool stuff.

But there were huge disconnects. It was more like a Saturday Night Live episode (jokes that don't work and all). 

And when we weren't subjected to thumb-on-nose plotlines, we were given ill-timed jokes and American politics. Free the animals but don't go back for the children. And how did the kid know to tell the story of Luke Skywalker as it happened and could move a broom? Am I allowed to think that he's a special force user related to someone in the universe or will I be mocked for thinking that? Now everyone can use the force and it's a galaxy of mind readers?

I'm all for experimental. I'm all for giving chances and that's why I'm being trying to be okay about The Last Jedi.

But fans are angry. Not because Luke was old and depressed but because of lazy storytelling. it's easy to toss a lightsaber away than to give an emotional moment to fans who have waited a long time to hear Luke speak. 

It was lazy to make him a child abuser instead of showing Snoke seducing Kylo and other interesting backstory stuff. Maybe show how the children who escaped the destruction of The Jedi Training Camp became the Knights of Ren. Maybe show Luke running off to kick Snoke's ass for luring little Ben to the Darkside.

And why was Kylo named Ben Solo? Leia and Han never knew Ben Kenobi. I never understood that unless Leia had visions of him since she has The Force?

We had to watch a lazy slow ass chase movie instead of cool stuff like Kylo talking to ghost Vader.

We were already depressed Carrie Fisher is dead and then to just kill off Luke for no reason...THAT is why Solo is tanking.

Some of the Disney people are mocking the fans. Fans that CARED about Luke for forty years, who were invested emotionally and financially in him and the franchise, who likely spent thousands on themselves and children on Star Wars merchandise over forty years. And now they are mocked for caring that the character they wanted to see have a cool story was just humiliated with the milk stuff, fallen from a hero to a child abuser, was a coward, did a Skype call and dropped dead. Meanwhile, Snoke made other people do Skype calls and didn't die. I don't believe Snoke nor Luke are dead anyway. Anymore. I suspect Abrams will bring Luke back. He sees the backlash and hopefully will be a hero and bring back Luke. 

If Disney brings back Luke, then maybe sales will pick up again. It's easy in a magical universe to make him not dead. Luke never saw Ben or Yoda or Anniken as he died though Luke saw Ben when he was dying in Empire Strikes Back, so it's very likely Luke's not dead at all. He could have just gone off to rejuvenate somewhere and come back stronger with a great plan to stop Kylo without killing him. Also Kylo hasn't seen his grandfather's ghost yet either. Why not?

These are the things fans want to see. More Luke. We just wanted a bit more time with him as new characters are introduced.

We are told all through The Last Jedi to Kill The Past and everything we loved about Star Wars was killed right in front of us, and then we're supposed to support a movie about a dead iconic character as a young man when we're not supposed to care about the past or history.

Star Wars fatigue, there is not.

How many times have the marathons been on TV in recent years? Almost every weekend and they are endlessly watched. 

Star Wars fans have no fatigue. They could watch a new Star Wars every day like a soap opera, which is originally was until recently. 

Star Wars is an addiction, a way of life for many people. Thousands of people. People with money.

I've been watching the unrest forming on YouTube for months now. I've seen channels like Geeks and Gamers who had less subscribers than I did in January when I first found them now grow to something like 50,000. All SW fans who love SW and are soo upset by the direction it's taking. Many in the comments sections are calling for boycotts and guess what, Disney?  THAT's why Solo is tanking.

Solo is a fine little movie. I had fun seeing it. But because of Johnson and his attitude in his movie towards the original fans and towards unhappy social media fans, the rage from SW fans is being shown towards Solo. SW fans won't see Solo in the theatres because they want Disney to listen to them. They want the basic premise to return and to have good storylines for Legacy characters.

Star Wars fans are voting with their wallets so that Disney will listen. They want the franchise to get back on track, for Luke to not be dead just yet, and to stop doing stupid stuff and lame jokes. 

That's all!


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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Don't Get Cocky, Kid!

Every now and again, a writer loses his shit. It's part of the job. We toil away in solitude, emerging from our darkened lairs only to pour coffee into a cup or jar or whatever is lying around and lumber back. We spend our days talking to imaginary people and causing imaginary shit for them to escape from or lure others into. We really do have some kind of mental illness not because we live like this but because we can't do anything BUT live like this.

So it makes sense that every now and then, one is going to snap.

This happens almost like clockwork.

And when a writer snaps, suddenly their lives are really fascinating! At least for those of us who aren't part of the backsplash.

This week, a writer snapped over trying to trademark a common word. It backfired badly.

The word is hilarious. The backlash is rather amusing. It's an ironic moronic kerfluffle. I'm still not sure how she ever thought this was a plan that would work.

Ah, well.

Here's my take on this week's Writers Behaving Badly incident.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

More Thoughts About The Last Jedi and Disconnects

I'll likely make a few more The Last Jedi videos exploring what went wrong and right.

The reason I'm making so many videos is that I'm tired of hearing Disney execs saying it's only racist, white men who are angry with the movie.

As a woman who has been a fan since I first saw Star Wars on opening day in 1977, I feel it's  important to pipe up with why I personally was very disappointed in many parts. Especially after waiting forty years to see Luke, Leia and Han TOGETHER AGAIN, and we'll never ever get that now.

Now I'm disappointed in both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi because they don't go together as a continuing story.

How hard would it have been to write a series where the three of them (Luke, Leia, and Han) have to battle some nightmare once more? The writers had decades to come up with something cool and interesting. They didn't need to do ANY reboots of the original trilogy. They could have made something brand new with the legacy characters and introduce new characters for the new generations. They could have still had Rey, Kylo, Finn, Poe, and BB8 very easily and still given us a fresh plot, and our three legacy characters plus Chewie, R2D2 and C-3P0.

I grew to like The Force Awakens when I grew excited about the mysteries and how they might be solved over the next two movies.

However, the writers for TFA and TLJ didn't care about proper storytelling devices and created their own frustrating ways to tell a three-part story. Basically, it's a round robin where everyone is making up stuff as they go along.

It isn't working.

Star Wars fans aren't hard to please as much as some of the Powers That Be might want to think. All we wanted was to see our three legacy characters fighting evil, and some cool lightsaber battles. A battle between good and evil. A clear plot.

The Force Awakens had a clear and simple plot. Find Luke. And they did.

I still am not sure what the plot to The Last Jedi was. There were several but at the end of the day, the only person who had character development in any manner at all was Kylo Ren. And even then, he only had a little bit as he still hasn't embraced the dark or the light side. We still don't know what his deal is. We don't know why he wants to go dark. We don't know what spell Snoke had over him and why it wasn't broken when Snoke died. We don't know why Snoke wanted Skywalker. We don't know what Snoke was training Kylo for. We don't know what Kylo himself wants! In The Force Awakens, we knew Kylo wanted to be like his grandfather, Darth Vader. He actually sat and prayed to him. I wanted more of that stuff and perhaps Vader coming to him as a Force ghost and telling him to be good or bad. Or maybe someone evil pretending to be a bad Vader ghost and manipulating Kylo to go even darker. But no, there's no reason or motivation for Kylo to be bad just to be bad. What does he want? To rule a planet? A galaxy? Which one? Why? Who is his team? Why doesn't Hux take him out and become Supreme Ruler? Kylo was way less scary in The Last Jedi and Johnson destroyed Hux's scary charcter into becoming an idiot cartoon character.

Anyway, when you have the eighth chapter of a series, it's usually a good idea to keep to basic plot points, not throw away points just to be clever. Character continuity is a good idea as well as keeping simple facts straight, such as how to use the Force.

Why would Yoda destroy a tree, a living thing that did nothing to him? Did we not learn over the previous seven movies and a bucket-load of books and cartoons that The Force is in and around every living thing?Are not trees a living thing? And if Rey or Yoda already put the books on the Falcon, what was the point of killing the oldest tree? Kill the past? Yoda is a murderer of the innocent now too?

Don't get me started on Mary Sue's big coincidences...especially at the end where she arrives just in time, somehow magically and conveniently parks the Falcon and gets to lift rocks just in time, the only way for the rebels to escape.

There are far too many Earth political statements and jokes. We go to Star Wars to see a galaxy long long ago and far far away. We don't want to hear about arms races or animals rights. Why was it important to free the doghorse things but not the children? Why were the children allowed to stay behind and be slaves? They never went back for those kids and helped them. They just let them be slaves forever. Even in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, they went back for the misfit toys. Not in Star Wars where suddenly everyone is selfish instead of altruistic.

I know Johnson is likely setting up a whole children break free from their masters in his trilogy but why couldn't we finish our Skywalker story in a proper manner first?

There was ZERO reason for Luke to die. ZERO. He's a goddamn Jedi Master. He's not going to die force skyping. SOOOO stupid and painful. I hope JJ Abrams brings him back, and has him act properly like a hero, but I doubt that's going to happen.

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Lunch Time Tarot Card Readings noon to 1 pm EST!

Check out my Lunch Time Tarot Card Readings! I'll be offering Free readings from noon to 1 pm EST today and perhaps every day if people show up! Just type your question into the chat window! I'll answer them in order. Please don't ask about health or gambling! Follow me on Twitch to know when I'm online. I'll also do nighttime tarot card readings but you'll have to follow me to find out when I'm online. Watch live video from sephera666 on

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Sephera is now on Twitch!

 Yes, it's true. I've begun a Twitch channel. It will debut on April 11 at noon EST. I will be reading tarot cards live for whoever pops in and wants a reading!


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Sephera Giron at Toronto Comicon March 16 - 18, 2018

Sèphera Girón chillin' with Kylo Ren at Toronto Comicon 2017

Once again, the Horror Writers Association will have a booth at Toronto Comicon!

This year, the dates for Toronto Comicon are March 16 - 18!

Come by our booths to meet horror authors such as:

Sèphera Girón
Monica S. Kuebler
Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
Julianne Snow

We'll announce more authors soon! Watch this page!

Kylo Ren torturing Sephera Giron while Han Solo in carbonite watches. Toronto Comicon 2017

Meet members of the Great Lakes Horror Company at the Horror Writers Association booth!

As always, you can get an autograph or take a photo with horror writers and Great Lakes Horror Company podcast peeps!

In other news, Crossroad Press has released the PRINT version of Eternal Sunset!
You can grab your copy of this book at most platforms including Crossroad Press website and Amazon!

You can order your copy of Eternal Sunset TODAY and have it arrive in time to bring to Toronto Comicon to get it autographed!

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The Assassination of Gianni Versace and Toronto's Serial Killer

I do not claim any of these photos on this blog as mine. They are popular images from the internet from the show "The Assassination of Gianni Versace" which is on FX on Wednesday nights. 

The Assassination of Gianni Versace will be spoiled so don't read any more if you don't want the show spoiled for you. 

You have been warned.

It has been chilling to watch the mini-series The Assassination of Gianni Versace here in Toronto as our own real-life serial killer has been unmasked.

Before I get into my musings about the American Crime Story TV series by Ryan Murphy, which is based on the true story of a serial killer who murdered Versace, I will talk a bit about what’s happening here in Toronto.

I’ve been meaning to write about the Versace mini-series for a long time but I’ve also been deeply disturbed by events here in Toronto, so I’ve been putting it off a bit.

Killer in The Village
For many years, there have been men missing in Toronto. Gay men, homeless men, men addicted to various substances, and so on. Most of the missing men have been gay or people of colour in or around an area known as “The Village” or “The Gay Village” or “Church and Wellesley” or “The Triangle”. So, fingers in The Community point to a police department that may or may not have been as vigilant as they could have been. 

A man missing last spring, Andrew Kinsmen, particularly drew up publicity as his family kept hope alive that he would be found. Like many of the missing men, Andrew was a kind, lovely soul who would do anything for anyone. I suspect that was the serial killer’s “type” as well as the physical look. 

Many of the men have a similar “look” despite what colour their skin might be. As far as I can tell, most have been described as the type who would give you the shirt off their back, despite other issues they may have had. 

Andrew’s family constantly banged the drum about his disappearance: flyers, posters, social media, the news, etc. I always thought he was the victim of a serial killer as I felt a punch in my gut the first time I saw his picture on the news. I thought about other missing men from that area and sensed a connection. Most observant people had similar ideas, and we had them long before Andrew was lost.

Decades of Missing Men
For years people have been missing but hey, Toronto is a big city, people come and go. Some people go under the radar and like it there. However, people like Andrew don’t just up and disappear. And it seems like there have been a few people live him over the years who have done just that. 

There have mostly been gay men but there are also some suspicious deaths of women and trans women and men that never have been solved and cases just quietly disappear, if anyone knew about them to begin with. Of course, as a horror writer, my mind always spins a story when I hear news, but back then, I hoped Andrew and the others would one day turn up alive somewhere.

Around the time Versace aired, a man was named a suspect in the Toronto killings. I won’t say his name, he sickens me to the core. He looks like f**king Santa Claus and actually did work as one now and again. At first, it seemed like there may be one or two deaths this man was responsible for. However, today, six bodies have been found. I don’t doubt by the end of it all, there will be twenty or more.

Toronto's Serial Killer
Toronto’s serial killer hung out on dating sites and obviously in The Village even though he was apparently banned from it years ago. Toronto’s serial killer is a gardener, a landscaper. What a great job for a serial killer. 

He had a host of clients and kept his tools stored at other people’s homes. He was a quiet man. Hell, I’ve had a couple of friends tell me they have friends who are friends with him and their minds are BLOWN. So now, many homes have been dug up all around Ontario. Before today with the grisly six different men’s remains discovered in a backyard, other remains of three other people (the same people?) were found in various planters. 

This is the just the beginning. 

There are many more planters and yards to get through across Ontario and who knows where else. Right now, it’s minus 11 in Toronto and has been that cold or colder for a couple of months. It’s weirdly cold this year. Generators were brought in to warm up the ground for the painstaking excavation of evidence or potential evidence.

It’s sad and horrific. Andrew was identified today as one of the victims in the yard.

Versace Mini-Series Thoughts
So with that in mind, watching the Versace mini-series, about a serial killer who preyed on gay men, I feel doubly creeped out, a bit guilty watching it, yet at the same time, hyper aware that Versace and the other victims are not works of fiction either, but were real live people as well.

I want to recognize that I know a lot of people portrayed in the mini-series aren’t happy about how they come off and so on, and I’ve noticed lots of disclaimers about the artistic use of dialogue etc. I’m not naive and I think most viewers aren’t. We know it’s a fictionalized version that facts are dramatized for the story. Look at all the alone scenes, no one knows what really happened, who said what or thought what. When I’m watching the show, I watch it like a docudrama. I know it’s not all real but a lot of it is.

And so far, I love it so the estate and so on shouldn’t worry about any of it.

I still remember hearing when Versace was shot in front of his mansion and the outpouring of grief from the public. It was mind-blowing. It was one of the first times that someone as famous as Versace was murdered like that. It was the third big one for me in the way my life worked and the news I heard. First was John Lennon, then Rebecca Schaefer, and then Versace.

It wasn’t like I was a fan of Versace or anything like that. I wasn’t not a fan either but I knew who he was for sure. Peak of his career with so much more to go. An amazing story of self-made man who loved what he did. Shot dead out of the blue by some crazy asshole.

I remember learning about Andrew Cunanan. So when I heard there was a mini-series about it all, I wanted to see it and see what spin it would have. I was over the moon when I heard Finn Wittrock was playing one of the victims.

David Madson (Cody Fern) episode.

The way the show is structured is that we are working on a backwards timeline. Versace was murdered first and now we’re going back to all the victims before him. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would like that, wondering if the suspense was going to be lost, but in fact, I quite like it.

Last night, Jeffrey Trail (Finn Wittrock) was murdered at the beginning and we follow Andrew gaslighting and brainwashing David throughout the episode. It was an amazing story and the more I think about it, the more I just can’t think about it. Cody Fern was amazing playing a man who wants to do what’s right but his character is so gentle, he can’t, but we understand and feel great empathy for him. We really want him to go, to break free but he has Stockholme Syndrome or is in shock or whatever happened. We'll never know what really happened in real life but this was a sympathetic version. 

I thought his death was great, but I wished it had ended with him with his dad and then showing Andrew standing over his dead body with the gun instead of going back to the chase. It felt clunky and took a bit of the tension and grief away as I already knew he was shot and didn’t go into the cabin.  But it’s from scenes like David’s death dream where we recognize that this is a fictional show and not a documentary. Who knows what David thought as he died? We don’t know. The writers made it up. And it was good and worked though a tiny bit corny and totally predictable. But it’s TV and it worked.

In fact, we don’t know anything at all in real life about what happened when Andrew hammered Jeffrey in the head. It’s all pretend because no one who wrote the show was there.

Next week, we’ll meet Finn Wittrock’s character in more detail and see what happened there. It sounded like they were together a few years, so I wonder when the killing began? With Jeffrey’s hammer in the head death? Were there previous deaths? I don’t want to Google it. I forget the details of the case, if the story is even following it. I’ll wait to Google everything after the series is over.

Casual Thoughts
Up until this week, I had noticed some repeated themes in how the show is shot.

Stairs are used a lot. People are always going up and down or standing on them. And many of the staircases are not your run of the mill set of stairs. There are stair cases over people's shoulders, etc.

Pillars are used a lot to frame or cut up shots. Tunnels and hallways.

There are a lot of fences and gates. People are shot through chain link, wrought iron, and so on.

Mirrors are used really well especially in the first few episodes where it was all about fashion, appearances, masks and superficial ideas.

The Florida motels and many scenes were pink tinged like the inside of a perfume bottle. I kept thinking of pink flamingos. It added to the sense of claustrophobia, everything caving in. I also imagine most Florida motels back then were indeed decorated as such.

Last night, I noticed that a lot of the usual visuals weren’t there but there were different ones, simpler ones, as if to show the less opulent life.

A lot of shots through windows, looking through windows, breaking windows, framing the shot through a part of a window.

Last night, I loved how the dog stood in front of the body for many shots. I think sometimes it might have been a stuffed dog but most of the time, he stood amazingly still to break up the shot and hide the body mess.

The sound of the scrubbing, the long uncomfortable shots. There's a lot that makes this a more horrifying show than American Horror Story!

In last week’s episode with Judith Light, I enjoyed how it ended with her talking to the red light of the camera as if it was her husband. In Roanoke, there was a lot made of the red light of the camera. I think other AHS episodes mention it as well. It was a nice little nod.

Darren Criss is doing an amazing job as Andrew Cunanan. I never watched Glee, although I bet I would have enjoyed it back in the day. I have nothing to base him on just as I never saw Adam Driver in anything before I saw him as Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens and really liked him while others just thought of him as "that hipster from Girls" and didn't appreciate his acting ability. I completely believe Criss' portrayal of a serial killer. Funny how close those two roles are when you think about it. 

Another Great Psychopath
Darren Criss has captured that smug, arrogant nature of a narcissist, a psychopath, a sociopath, a serial killer. His portrayal of Andrew Cunanan makes my skin crawl. I just want to smack him in the head, he’s such an asshole. 

I’ve met a few sociopaths in my time, (as we all have as they are everywhere), and Criss captures the essence perfectly. The charm, how he imitates or mirrors what his victims want and needs, how he lures them in with false promises, with amazing sex, with flattery, just to destroy them for no good reason but his own perverse self-pleasure at watching others suffer. He tortures poor David while they were on the run with word salad and gaslighting, typical tools of the narcissist. He spins David’s head until David doesn’t know what to do or if he has the strength to do it. 

Of course, David was damned no matter what choice he would make because Cunanan would have just blamed David for the crime and David would be the one in jail forever for something he had nothing to do with. You can feel the evil from Cuananan in this situation, how he cat and mouses David and loves it so much. It’s so sad and tragic. And it really happened in real life that someone is that evil, just like that asshole in Toronto. 

Darren Criss plays the part with chilling accuracy. I hope he wins some kind of award or recognition for his work.

So far, four episodes in, The Assassination of Gianni Versace is really worth watching. The cast is outstanding. No one has been a clunker yet! The sets are amazing as Murphy’s sets and costume designs always are.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.