Wednesday, May 15, 2024

What's Going On?

Super busy times!!

But at least here are a few new-to-most-of-you titles to check out! All of these titles are available on Amazon and many other platforms in both ebook and print. 

Except for Specimens. 

Specimens is a sampler containing six stories from Sèphera Girón and Andrew Robertson, published by The Great Lakes Horror Company. 

This collection was created as a free treat for those who are attending Stokercon San Diego 2024. 

If you're attending the convention, make sure you don't leave without one! The book is short as it's just a taste of some of our work so you can slip it into your laptop case or knapsack. 

Have you picked up a copy of Weird Tales of Terror Volume One yet? I know it's been through a few changes but this edition from The Great Lakes Horror Company looks fabulous! Hot off the press!

DEARLY DEPARTED is a collection from both Andrew Robertson and myself. Although the book contains reprints, some are slightly different in this version. Also, bet you can't find half of them in the wild even if you wanted to! So grab your copy today with this real cool cover of a Jackalope!

BLOOD GAMES is a vampire anthology risen from its old incarnation HIGH STAKES and has gathered up a few new authors to add to the collection! Hot off the press! Released March 2024!

SERIAL VLOGGER is my love letter to people who like to read my work. Every week I add a new slice to the SERIAL VLOGGER pie. By the end of it all, there will be a complete novel. As of this writing, there are 31 slices already published with many to go. It's free to read and free to sign up so that new slices go directly into your inbox. There is also a place to pay for a subscription if you wish to support my efforts and for that, I'm super grateful! But you can read for free!

   I'm always available to give tarot readings. Right now I'm pushing video readings. How does it work?
You send me $20 on Paypal along with your question. Or maybe you have no question and that's fine as well. You don't have to send a question, I can just see what I can see. If you know it, please include your birth information: day/month/year time/place 

Once I receive your information and payment, I will make a little video with your reading and email it back to you. If there's a specific email you want it sent, include that in the notes. You can also get video tarot card readings as a gift for someone else. 

I'll be able to give in-person readings at Stokercon. You can book an appointment in advance. Just send the $20 and then we'll together pick a good time for both of us at the con. 

Tarot Readings are a large part of my income right now, so I super appreciate your support!

If you don't have Paypal, you can pay on stripe or e-transfer. 

Thank you for your support!

See you at Stokercon!

Saturday, December 23, 2023

The Narcissist and the Holidays

As some of you already know, I've started writing on Substack about many things that concern me. 

I'm writing a novel for FREE on Substack. 

Now, I'm starting a podcast that will be weekly that will tackle a few different topics that interest me. The very first podcast is about The Narcissist and the Holidays. 

 If you've ever tangled with a narcissist, you know what a special kind of hell the holidays can be! 

 Go take a look and let me know what you think! The Narcissist and the Holidays

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Give a Unique Gift of a Tarotscope!


Reading tea leaves at a corporate function on Bay Street in Toronto.

"Wow. F**king. Wow. You were dead on. Now I know what to do. Your reading was mind-blowing." - Client Jeanna

"The tarot reading was super awesome and spot on!" - Client

Rates for Online Tarot Card Readings

All Tarot Readings and Reports are written by me. I don't use computer programs or recycled material. Each report is special and unique to you and your co-ordinates. 

Details: For the two special Holiday Tarotscope Special Written Reports, I will prepare them as quickly as possible to get them out for you to send as gifts or for your own purposes. You can print off the report on nice paper and roll it up into a scroll and tie it with a ribbon to make it a special gift. Or you can just email it to the person you're giving it to if you're not buying it for yourself. 

Video Tarot Readings: I will prepare them as quickly as possible but it might be up to 48 hours. You will receive your reading by email. 

Holiday Tarotscope Special Basic - Special Rate Expires December 23, 2023

This is a written report where I pull thirteen tarot cards. The report consists of one short paragraph for each month of the year. The report will begin January 2024 unless otherwise specified. This is a limited sale.

Holiday Tarotscope Special - Special Rate Expires December 23, 2023

This is a written report where I pull thirteen cards. The report contains more details than the basic report. The report will begin January 2024. This is a limited sale. 

Get a Short Video Tarot Reading – No Question

I will email you a video tarot reading. If you can include your birthdate, time of birth, and place of birth, that will be helpful, if you have the information. But if you don't, I can still read for you. 

Get a Short Video Tarot Reading – Ask One Question

If you have a question, ask the question. Also include birthdate, time of birth, and place of birth of people involved in the question, if you know it. If you don't know, that's okay too. I will email you the video. 

Book an Online Tarot Reading – One Hour 

This is interactive where we speak on Skype or Facetime etc. You buy the appointment and then email me at sephgiron @ to set up a time and platform that works for both of us. We can talk on the phone if you prefer that way to the video calls.

Private and Corporate

Tarot readings or tea leaf readings can provide a unique experience for guests.

Book a reader for private parties and corporate events in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, or Oakville.

Email me with your inquiry: sephgiron @ 

Stag and Doe
Baby Showers
New Baby
Birthday Parties
Divorce Parties
Girls Night Out
Staff Appreciation
Customer Appreciation
Spa Days

Tarot Readings (seated or strolling)
Astrology Readings
Numerology Readings
Tea Leaf Readings (allow fifteen minutes minimum per person)


If you want me to meet you somewhere for a one-on-one tarot card reading, email me before paying to make sure we can hook up. 

Email me with the subject heading In-Person Tarot Reading Details for more details at sephgiron  @

Here are a few places that have hired Sèphera as a fortune-teller. This is by no means a complete list:

Selected Corporate Events 
Royal Ontario Museum
Columbian Wine Tasting
Google Promo
Sanctuary Vendors Market
Dance Competition Appreciation for Teachers
York University Student Federation Events
Sheridan College Student Federation Events
Law Office Halloween Party
Packagers Holiday Party
Toronto Comicon
Fan Expo
Niagara Falls Comicon
Frightmare in the Falls
1st Annual Something Strange Circus Sideshow
2nd Annual Something Strange Circus Sideshow
Something Strange Marketplace

Fan Days
Guelph GenreCon
Limestone GenreCon
Ad Astra
World Horror Convention
Haunted Houses
Bar Mitzvahs
Rock Concerts
Shopper's Drugmart Corporate Office
Shopper's Drugmart Stores
Ontario Lottery Corporation
Design Exchange Gala
Big Brothers
Sherwood Group Mortgage Brokers
Winter Magic
Ice, Wine, Dine
Humber College (both campuses)
Magnum Food Brokers
Periodontal Associates
This Is London Club
Four Villages Community Health Centre
TPC Entertainment Company
Media Brands Canada
Central Eglinton Community Centre
Great Lakes Schooner Company
Black Box School Theatre
Your Events Etc.
Travel Alberta
Nice Agency

Ryerson Commerce Society
OPSEU Woman's Conference Diva Night
YMCA Toronto Bergamat Apartments
Psychic Brunch
Nine of Cups
Carnival Diablo
Ed the Sock
Port Credit Moonlight Madness
Port Credit Festivals
Ladybug Harbor
The Source Within

Gig Salad

If you would prefer to book me in person for events through a third-party app, I completely understand that it's safer for both of us. I'm on Gig Salad. Here's a form where you can contact me.

Friday, December 8, 2023

What Is Serial Vlogger?

 SerialVlogger is a horror novel written in tiny slices!

What does this mean?

It means that I’m serving up a slice of a novel every week.

Serial Vlogger is a complete novel, a horror novel.

Since it’s being written as I go along, it’s akin to a first draft!

I have more than half the book written, and I know how it ends. This isn’t really a pantser experiment in case you're worried! This is a full novel. 

The idea for Serial Vlogger has been in my head for many years.

The character of Lenore (and a lot connected to her) has shown up in a couple of pitches, drafts, and ideas for other horror novels and screenplays but now she’s in Serial Vlogger.

The more time passes, the more urgency I feel about getting Serial Vlogger out as it’s a comment on YouTube culture and social media. Since these cultures change rather rapidly, I decided it’s time to just get the book out before things change again so much that people won’t “get” Serial Vlogger.  This is why I’ve decided to write it for free on Substack. It’s timely and I don’t want to wait a couple of years for it to get published.

The slices are presented for free on Sundays on Substack.

There are weeks that I miss for whatever reasons, so I make up for the absence by adding extra installments during the week to catch up when I get them prepared. For instance, there’s a slice today (December 8), tomorrow, and then we’ll be back on track by Sunday’s slice. I don't expect to miss any more weeks for a couple of months. I'm planning to preload them over the next few days.

The slices are smaller than chapters which is why I call them slices. Several slices will make a chapter. I likely won't do the chapter indicators until the book is finished and then goes through some revisions.

Serial Vlogger is my gift to you! I appreciate all my readers over the years. While Serial Vlogger is being serialized on Substack, it is free. Once it’s finished, we’ll see what comes next.

What is the Content?

You can expect a Sèphera Girón work, uncensored. Readers of my work know that they can expect social commentary, murder, ghosts, body horror, insanity, and more. Serial Vlogger will touch on ideas such as cults, serial killers, feeders, and obsession.

This is a FICTIONAL work of horror and I’m not known for playing nice or making my reader comfortable. Consider this your trigger warning or disclaimer!

Now that we’re getting up to the teens in the slice count, I expect more people will be inclined to read as they can read more of the work all at once. Some readers like their stories doled out in bits, and some like to binge. I get it!

Patrons on Patreon

All paid levels of Patrons on my Patreon get to see the work first. In fact, they've already seen a super rough version of a big chunk of what will be published over the next few months. But they also get the little slices at least one day (when possible) before it's published on Substack. 

It's FREE!

I hope you enjoy this free novel. Please subscribe for free or you can join the paid subscriber tier as a tip if you're enjoying my content. 

Please share Serial Vlogger as I’m writing it for all horror fans! 



Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Frightmare in the Falls October 27 to 29, 2023


I'm thrilled to be returning to Frightmare in the Falls again this year with the Great Lakes Horror Company at Booth 114!

I'll be running a free writing workshop. At this workshop, I'll lead you through various exercises so that by the end of the session, you'll have the skeleton of a short story. It's up to you later on in your laboratory to clothe those bones with flesh and give your creature life!

The workshop is free and in room 207. You don't have to sign up in advance, just show up.
You don't have to be a writer. You don't have to have any ideas before you come in. 
You don't have to share with the class, we won't have time to share. 
Just bring a pen and paper or your laptop or phone, however, you like to write. 
I've given this workshop a few times over the past year and have listened to the feedback on how to improve it. 

At the booth, you can find the brand new hot off the press from the Great Lakes Horror Company, Weird Tales of Terror. This is a collection of my early work, a few short stories, and a very early novel. 
I love this new edition. 
The cover photo is by Mothmeister. They also provided the artwork for Dearly Departed, the collection I did with Andrew Robertson last year. There will be a few copies of that one as well at the booth.

I'll also be reading tarot at the booth at the still-low price of $20. 
First come, first serve, although feel free to book a time if you like!

Over the past few months, I've started a Poshmark Closet and have been selling new and vintage clothes, toys, and other goodies on there. I'll have some jewelry at the booth from the store. 

I've also started a new YouTube channel GothmothersClosetResell. Right now, it's about showing you what's in the closet as I list them since most items are black and hard to see in a photo or two. 

I'm also working on a novel in tiny little slices, Serial Vlogger. You can read it for free over at Substack!

Monday, September 25, 2023

 In addition to the above events, I will be reading tarot at Ground Control on October 7 for their goth market in the afternoon. The Great Lakes Horror Company will be there as well selling books, and very cool horror items. There will be many other vendors to break in this brand new home for goths. 

That night will be the reunion for Sanctuary Vampire Club and I will be dancing the night away at that one!

Ground Control, 1279 Queen Street West, Toronto

Also, over on Substack, I've been posting a brand new original horror novel, Serial Vlogger: A Novel in Tiny Slices! Currently, it's free! Slice number three was posted on Sunday.

I've also begun a new adventure, a Poshmark store with a matching YouTube channel!

My Poshmark closet:

My Poshmark YouTube channel:

I've also posted a new video on my Sephera's World Channel!

Have a great day!