Public Appearances by Sèphera Girón in 2016

 Sèphera Girón is going on tour this year to many exciting places. Keep checking back to this page as more events are added. Okay, maybe she's not going on tour like a rock star, however, she's going to be in many places in the coming months so be sure to say "hi!"

Sèphera may be appearing as herself or under one of her many tarot reading persona such as Mistress Ariana, Mistress Scariana, Madame Something, or even Madame Selene from Killer Rack.

Outside of the Lizzie Borden House, 2016

September 25, 2016  The Word on the Street, Toronto
Sèphera will be at the Horror Writers Association Ontario Chapter booth in Writers Block, booth WB-7.

CANCELLED ----- October 2, 2016  Eriecon, New York, USA.---CANCELLED
Sèphera will be on panels and signing book autographs on the Saturday of Eriecon.

October 15 and 16, 2016  Horror-Rama, Toronto, Canada
Sèphera will have a booth where she will read tarot and sign autographs.
The Horror Writers Association will have a booth at Horror-Rama.
I'm sure we'll be on panels! Come by and say hi! Buy a book! Take a picture!

Don't forget to listen to the Great Lakes Horror Podcast where you can hear me ramble on about the publishing/writing industry on a weekly basis in our roundtables!

The Horror Happens Radio Show, Tuesday August 4 at 7:40 EST
Sèphera will be discussing her new book, Experiments in Terror from Samhain Horror Publishing as well as other horrific things.

The Horror Show, August
Sèphera taped a segment of The Horror Show with Brian Keene while they were both at Necon in July 2015. Watch this link for airing time and archives.

Fan Expo, Toronto Convention Centre,Toronto, 2016
Look for Sephera Giron and Mistress Ariana signs. 
Copies of her books will be available as well as tarot readings and handmade charms.

Tarot readings at Fan Expo are a bit different than a one-hour change-your-life in-home visit. Tarot readings are often priced at $20 and if a specific question isn't asked, a spread will be determined for you. The reading may be as quick as "yes" or "no," or it can go up to five minutes. There isn't room or time for long in-depth questions and observations. If you like what you see, feel free to book Ariana for corporate functions or private readings.

There is a Horror Writers Association booth at Fan Expo as well. If you're a member of HWA and want to participate, contact Bill Snider through the membership page.

Doesn't everyone want to run away and join the the freakshow at some point? Well, what better time to scratch one off the old bucket list than on one's birthday. Mentalist Mysterion has created this unique event which will include obscure collections, sideshow acts, vendors of all kinds, and more.

Madame Something is a tarot reader who may or may not tell you things you never wanted to or perhaps always wanted to know, with help from the Arcane deck.

Join the Facebook group to keep up to date on all the great acts and events being added! 

Buy your ticket today so that you don't miss out!

Toronto Comic Con, Toronto, March 18 - 20, 2016

Ad Astra, Toronto, April 29 - 31, 2016

Horror University, StokerCon2016, The Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, May 12 - 15, 2016
Hey, those witches have Hogwarts in England and now horror writers have Horror University in Las Vegas.  Isn't a writing career just a big crap shoot? Have a drink and network with horror professionals from every rung of the ladder. There's still lots of time for you to sign up!

Sèphera will be presenting a workshop on how to use occult tools such as tarot cards in fiction writing. Focus is primarily on how to portray metaphysical items in a story. Secondary will be a few exercises exploring how to use these tools to spark creativity, create plots and graphs, and characters.

After Rot
Listen to this one hour interview here taped live on Wednesday February 11, 2016. I discuss my new series Witch Upon a Star, my Samhain and Leisure bookswriting, horror, my Kylo Ren obsession, and more.

Supernatural Radio Show with Corrine De Winter   Sephera read tarot cards and a crystal ball live from the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in July 2015. She has been live from Lizzie Borden BB twice before in other years. Check the archives.

Riverdale Avenue Books  Sèphera discusses Witch Upon a Star

Sèphera is currently booking with libraries, schools, and writers group for her presentation, "So You Want to Be a Horror Writer?"

This presentation is appropriate for ages 14 to 444 as are all her presentations and tarot reading services.

Other presentations include self-publishing, editing, and other writing-related topics.
She also gives presentations on ghost hunting, which includes personal experiences on haunted writing retreats and paranormal investigations and the use of ghost hunting equipment and famous haunted locations.

Mistress Ariana is currently booking corporate functions, bridal showers, stag and doe parties, university/college student federation events, secondary schools, private schools, Halloween parties, Back-to-School Parties, Holiday Parties, boat cruises, bar mitzvahs, and any other celebrations.

Weekend slots are filling up fast. Limited weekday daytime and evening spots still available.

Ariana reads tarot and uses other tools (astrology, numerology, crystals, palm reading, tea leaf reading etc.) to both amaze and authentically entertain people at parties and business functions.
She can provide her keenly accurate fortune-telling skills in almost any venue and provides strolling services, group readings, private readings, instant readings, or in-depth readings.

Questions about any of Sèphera's or Mistress Ariana's services? Email today!