Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to My New Blog!


I've decided to start a fresh new blog for the new chapter of my life.

There are many exciting things going on right now though most I can't discuss just yet.

On the writing front, I have been busy getting back to work. For a couple of years, after my last Ravenous Romance book, I didn't write much. Burn out!

I'm regaining steam now and with spring in the air, the muse is stirring once more.

I'm currently amassing a collection of short stories for Necon E-books. This will be comprised of unpublished work and reprints. It's been interesting to revisit the past, at least for me, and hopefully for you too. There are several new stories too, stories written since the summer of 2010. I'm still editing the stories and hope to be submitting my final version soon.

In the meantime, you can find HOUSE OF PAIN available at Necon E-books as a... wait for it... e-book! This book about a young couple who move into their "dream" house was originally published by Leisure Books in 2001. It's my first mass market paperback and it's interesting to relieve a time when computers were new and there weren't many gadgets.

ETERNAL SUNSET, my first published novel was published by Darktales Publishing in 2000 with a small, limited run. This dark grisly tale about a young witch coming into her power with a vengence was made into an e-book in October 2010 and is available here:

I will be starting work on the sequel, ETERNAL NIGHTMARE this summer. I'll go over the first draft that was written right after the original and see what I can keep and go from there.


My occult erotic romance novels are available from Ravenous Romance. Some are available in print for a good price at Amazon. These are the first four books in a series based around the zodiac and a coven of witches. Each month, one of the witches casts a spell to meet Mr. Right and each book is about one of those months.

Sagittarius: Open Heart, Open Mind is the first book in the series. This is the story about a horny tarot reader witch who falls in love with a troubled man who harbours a secret.

Here's a link to the trade paperback version for $12.99 or the kindle e-book edition for .99

Capricorn: Cursed  A lonely vampire witch finds love in a moody man.

Aquarius: Haunted Heart  A paranormal investigator witch finds love in a haunted asylum.

Pisces: Teacher's Pet A cougar aura painter witch is intrigued with her dreamy young student.

The stories all take place in the town of Hermana which is loosely based on Salem, Massachusetts. The ladies are part of a coven who meet monthly to solve each other's problems and decide to focus on love for the year.


I'm still the Canadian Correspondant for the the Horror Writers Association. I won the "Silver Hammer" in 2009 for a decade of volunteer work. It was a real honor!

Also in 2009, I won a "MARTY" in the Established Literary Category from the Mississauga Arts Council.

I was so excited to win those awards!


I'm still boggling how the highest of the highs can dance with the lowest of the lows.

With the spring equinox, I started two new freelance writing gigs, and signed up for a course. I realized a few short weeks ago that I'm going to have my 50th birthday during 2012. I've set new goals for my years of 50 to 60 and I'll see if I meet them.

I've been assessing my life lately and have come to the conclusion that I've pretty much accomplished most of the goals I had set when I was a child for reaching by the time I turn fifty. Some I didn't meet of course, mostly because of the direction life took, and some don't matter anymore if I reach them or not. Some you couldn't pay me to strive for now! heehee...But I have two children and a writing career and some new things coming up. These are bench marks to marvel at and be grateful for. When I was a little kid, I didn't really KNOW I'd be a published author, I just knew it would be kind of cool to write down little stories and see them in a book that people actually read. It's a long hard road, and though there are endless sacrifices to continue on, I would likely choose the same path if I had to do it again. I can't not write, even if it's just emails or blather on a blog.

Mercury is turning retrograde so watch out for miscommunication, computer problems, and car breakdowns.