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Telling Tales Of Terror __ Damnation Books

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Telling Tales of Terrors can be a great gift!

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Horror?

by James S. Dorr 1

What Scares You?

by Paula Johanson 5

Beyond Blood, Guts, and Gore

by Bob Nailor 14

Building the Invisible Bridge: Suspension of Disbelief

by Carol Hightshoe 24

Putting the Occult into Your Fiction

by Kathryn Meyer Griffith 33

Characters and Character Development

by Cinsearae Santiago 46

Adding A Sex Scene To Your Horror Fiction

by Mitchel Whitington 62


by Ivy Reisner 72

Don’t Lose Your Head: Maintaining Point of View in Your Writing

by Carol Hightshoe 87

Sticks and Stones: Accurately Portraying Action and Violence

by Kim Richards 93

“The End” Is Just the Beginning: Promoting Your Way to the Best Seller List
by Danielle Ackley-McPhail 99

Sisters are Killin’ it for Themselves: Women in Horror

by Lisa Morton 116

Setting and Mood

by Sèphera Girón 125

Creating Monsters: Breathing Life into Evil

by Cinsearae Santiago 133

Blood in the Water: An Essay on Publishing a Novel

by Jason Gehlert 138

The Publisher’s Panel 145

Contributor Biographies

Additional Resources

Telling Tales of Terror has hit the electronic stands with the print version due out any day now from Damnation Books.

As you can see, authors speak from the trenches about the various componants that shape a horror writers' career. From conception of an idea to landing that idea into other people's hands is a long, sometimes treacherous path that can be as scary as the book you're breathing into life.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Year End Writing Wrap Up

Well, after a bit of a slump, I guess I'm back! This is what I had published this year!

Most of these are anthologies and are packed with the creme de la creme of modern horror authors. If you're stuck on what to get that bookworm in your life, try some of these 2012 publications!

Slices of Life is an anthology chock full of 90 creepy tales by the best of modern horror authors.
My story, "All Paths Lead to Psychopath."  In matters of the heart, what is truly right and wrong?

The Unnatural Tales of the Jackalope emerged from a bit of Facebook Tomfoolery. However, there are jackalopes doing all kinds of scary jackalope things in this book.

The Haunted Mansion Project is half fiction and half non-fiction.
My non-fiction piece called "Notes from the Haunted Mansion" is a series of notes about experiences and equipment.
"The Third Room is a tale about a modern day ghost hunter and her experiences in a haunted house.

My musings on the state of love and sex and birds and bees are contained in this fictional tale.

Vanessa the witch is all grown up and still vain and selfish. She is the local tarot reader, horny and thirsty and obsessed with staying young and beautiful.

We first meet Vanessa in Eternal Sunset. She's a young lady, wondering what life is all about. Off at university, she discovers a spellbook containing the secret to eternal life. The book is her journey to collect the ingredients for the spell.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fifty Shades of Twilight

While I'm sitting here, half-watching a biography about Johnny Depp on a Saturday night and looking at people's Facebok posts, there's a lot of talk, as always of course, about the state of publishing.

Publisher's Weekly just gave great kudos to Fifty Shades of Grey for revitalizing the publishing and erotica industry.

There are a lot of very jealous authors and publishers.

I watch fades come and go, I'm that old now. Having been a vorcacious reader as a child and teen, and actually right up until my kids hit the school age, I always had my finger on the pulse of publishing trends. I read the paper every day, subscribed to a million magazines and read a book a day pretty much. Now I read on the internet, and rarely a whole book in a month as I'm always writing one when I'm not doing pr and looking for more work.

When some of us have been on the hamster wheel driven by the demon obsession of the fine arts, hoping that if we keep going and keep working hard enough, that we will eventually find success, it's not hard to dream that we will indeed be rewarded with a big karmic prize. We'll finally be able to pay our bills every month and own a home. We can buy our kids cars and education. So we keep trying and trying.

It doesn't matter which discipline you're in, I've heard from all art forms. People go to school and work and practice and hone their techniques and "pay their dues" and try to be in the right place at the right time for Lady Luck to smile on them. And they have some success but not enough to quit the day job...

Then along comes the superstar.

The flash in the pan.

The Next Big Thing

Sometimes they spring from nowhere and other times, they are hard working souls who finally found their ways off their own hamster wheels.

As they sell buckets of their work, people scream, "he has no talent," "she's a hack," "he's derivative," and so on. I've seen it over and over again.

Someone somewhere thinks they have something to offer. Millions, do in fact, and so the new flash is recognized and sometimes burns out quick. Others keep working and ride the wave of their instant fame as long as they can until the next wave comes.

Tornadoes are probably easier to predict than "the next big thing."

As jealous as I sometimes can be when someone manages to grab the super duper brass ring with far less blood, sweat and tears than most, I also say, "Good for them."

So what if I've written a bucket full of erotica. Obviously what I wrote didn't appeal to people in the way that Fifty Shades of Grey have caught people's attention.

I've written a couple of vampire books but none of them were about teenagers and it was teenagers the machine wanted.

We just have to keep trying.

I would say most of the people being published these days have some sort of talent. And as we know, sometimes talent or even a good looking product doesn't matter. Obviously they somehow resonated with their patron.

In the end, it's about your art filling a hole, filling a void in the market.

Like Pet Rocks, no one knows why it turns out to be THAT at this time but there it is.

Just keep running on that hamster wheel.

Maybe one day they'll buy what YOU'RE selling!

 All pictures are copyright by Sephera Giron and are not to be shared or copied without written permission from Sephera and the models.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

What Scares You?

Everyone has basic fears.

Some are ingrained into our survival code.

Others stem from experiences we've had.

Some become phobias.

The person who declares he's not afraid of anything is likely one of the biggest cowards in the room.

There are fears of poverty, of homelessness, of our children going hungry.

There are fears of bugs or birds or cats or sharks.

There are fears of ghosts, spirits, monsters.

There are fears of what another human will do to us.

Fears seem to be categorized into different sections.

As a writer, I enjoy exploring fears from every level.

Sometimes I find writing about what scares me helps me understand why I'm scared.

When you're writing about scary things, you have to have a basis about WHY it's scary.

You also have to walk that fine line about what is scary to one and may not be to another.

In fact, some people find some fears utterly ridiculous yet another person would actually die of a heart attack if they were in the same situation.

Did you see that Youtube video that's making the rounds about the scary pranks on people trapped in the elevator?

I was watching that thinking that at first, I'd be scared then I'd realize that it has to be people fooling around since I know so many people who work in Halloween Scream Houses.

However, even though I'm a big fraidy cat, once my initial fear is gone, I start to analyze what is going on. If I was in that situation, it wouldn't take me more than the initial jolt to realize it's a trick. No way would I believe that it's really a ghost. I'd instantly know there's a trap door. All those years of theatre, ya know!

But I was thinking about some people might freak right out, perhaps even have a heart attack.

That video is an interesting experiment in discovering what truly scares us.

We are afraid, watching the video while thinking "what if it ISN'T a fake?"

What if that really happened to me but it wasn't a cheesy haunted house trap door creepy kid prank?

What if it really WAS A GHOST?

I would freak out, you betcha.

But this particular video set-up would have the average person be initially startled and frightened and then laugh and realize it's a joke.

What do you think about this prank?

Is it scary?

Is it mean?

Is it dangerous?

Is it dumb?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Romancing the Monster!

Paranormal Romance is huge right now.

Call it what you will but creatures of the night have been seducing fair maidens and strong lads for thousands of years.

It certainly wasn't invented this century with Twilight's Bella and Edward, however, kudos for putting the finger on the modern day pulse of horny teens (and wanna be at heart teens) everywhere.

From the early songs of the sirens, the snake tempting Eve with the apple, vampires and succubus have lured lusty men and women to their fates throughout histiory and fiction and lore.

What is it about monsters that allow us to look past their horrors to find the good hidden inside?

Is there good?

In romance, there is usually an inkling of good that the caputred soul can see even if no one else can.

What about the tortured soul of the Phantom of the Opera? Didn't he deserve special treatment as a reward for all the wrongs he suffered through...ignoring the wrongs he himself did to others.

He just needs special understanding so that he doesn't murder again. Or does he. Does he just need special guidance and a loving touch?

In her or his heart of hearts, the seduced one believes that he or she is the special one who can transform the beast into something human.

Or perhaps that person yearns to be a beast as well.

Paranormal romance comes in varying degrees of magic and evil. There can be fantasy and horror. There is the battle of good and evil. There's pining and longing and in erotica, lots of fantastical fantasy humping and loving.

I, too, have dabbled in paranormal romance.

There are several books set in the fictional town of Hermana which is loosely modeled on Salem, Massasschusetts.

Twelve witches meet with their coven leader each month for one year to cast a love spell.

Each young lady is a different sign of the zodiac.

There is a book for each witch who also possesses a tool that allows her to earn a living in the tourist town.

Sagittarius is about a tarot reader.

Capricorn is about a vampire medium.

Aquarius is about a paranormal investigator.

Pisces is about an aura reader who is also an artist.

I also edited two anthologies which are lusty tales with a metaphysical slant.

Sexstrology has a sexy story about each sign of the zodiac.

Beach Boys is about the gay boys of summer with some occult weirdness.

You can find these books at Ravenous Romance, Amazon, Smashwords and nearly anywhere else.

I'd love to hear from you what you think about my own dabblings in paranormal romance. Or rather, paranormal erotica.

Sephera's Books at Ravenous Romance

Sephera's Paranormal Romance at Smashwords

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Would YOU Give or Take for Eternal Life?

If you had the chance for Eternal Life would you take it?

I don't mean you have to die and come back as a vampire or a zombie or a shambling corpse.

I mean, if you never had to die at all because you found a loophole in the system.

Or a spell.

Would you take another life to prolong your own?

An animal?

A human?

Most of us wouldn't. I should hope that none of us ever would but of course, 4% of the population are sociopaths, psychopaths, serial killers and other types who have no conscience.

That four percent of the population is the pool where most horror authors, actually authors in general, go to play.

What fun to explore the mindset of someone so opposite to reality. Someone who is almost superhuman because of the very human qualities he or she possesses or doesn't.

The villain, of course, has to be cold and heartless, has to not care about the consequences of his or her actions.

There are many villains strewn throught the pages of literature who have pangs of remorse and guilt and know they are evil.

Are they forgivable?

Or is evil evil?

Is the giving, taking, of one life in order to prolong another acceptable in any situation?

Who are we to play God?

It's always fun to play with these themes in fiction for no one real is harmed yet we can destroy oh so many.

In Borrowed Flesh, there are people who long to play God, people who worship their Gods in strange ways, of humans who yearn for power, for love, for eternal life.

Discover who wins and who loses.

Borrowed Flesh is now available from Necon Ebooks and on Amazon and wherever else you like to buy your ebooks!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Heal Your Heart in Time for the Holidays!

Are you entering the holidays with a heavy heart?

Are you having problems moving forward from a broken relationship?

Do you need some tools for reflection and a plan for moving forward in the world of romance, dating, marriage, and affection?

Some of you may have read my book HOUSE MAGIC: THE GOOD WITCH'S GUIDE TO BRINGING GRACE TO YOUR SPACE by Ariana from Conari/Red Wheel/Weiser.

This book used various tools comprised of feng shui, astrology, numerology, the use of incense, gemstones and other disciplines to attract auspicious energy into your life.

I've written a sequel called LOVE MAGIC: THE GOOD WITCH'S GUIDE TO HEALING YOUR HEART and in order to save myself a couple of years of waiting for a publisher, I decided to publish the work myself on Smashwords.

This is a book about personal empowerment, how to heal past hurts and move forward.  It's very important to move forward from negative experiences in our life and embrace the possibilities of a magnificent future.

In the spirit of Cyber-Monday, I'm offering the book for 75% off for a limited time.


If the link doesn't work for you, go to Smashwords and then go to Sephera Giron and a list of my currently available ebooks will come up. You'll find LOVE MAGIC in there. 

The coupon code is JC92Q and expires on November 27 2012.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Who Come to Toronto

I'm going to see The Who tomorrow night!

I'm very excited.

The last time I saw them, I was much younger and more innocent. I had two young children and was single and went with a friend.

I've been through hell in the ensuing years but I've begun to find heaven again.

And what better way to celebrate than to see The Who performing "Quadrophenia."

The album "Quadrophenia" is still not as well recognized as it should be in the history of musicals, rock, stories, and concept albums.

Pete Townshend takes two whole records to recount a few days in a fucked up teenager's life. So many of us felt Jimmy's pain and the splinter into separate personalities to deal with each aspect of our lives.

The music ranged from hard rocking anthems such as "Can You See the Real Me?" and "Dr Jimmy" to quiet musings such as "I'm One." The plaintive pain of trying to fit in resonated in the lyrics and in the harmonics and echoed into the soul of every teenager who listened to rock.

We didn't fully appreciate the lush sounds of real instruments intermixed with the new sounds of synthesizers and other rather new technologies. We didn't know back then that rock music mixed with operatic scope and a story would soon flash away as quickly as it appeared. Is "The Wall" one of the last of albums of this kind?

I'm not going to get into a whole "kids these days" don't appreciate real instrument playing, the hours and years of mastering technique over the strings or buttons. A real voice that isn't enhanced by endless mixes and boosts. An orchestra. A choir. Lush sounds. Body booming vibrations from voice and drums and a rocking bass line.

Anyway, The Who thankfully didn't die before they got old because what they produced was timeless. The music, that is. I don't mean the performers. Sadly, there are only two left.

How many of us recognize riffs from their songs on commercials, TV shows and in movies? How many times have you seen Tommy and in how many forms? On Broadway?

Anyway, much of The Who's work stands up to the test of time. From emotion to riffs, people can connect.

I'm looking forward to connecting to the Who tomorrow night!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Borrowed Flesh by Sephera Giron is now available!

Borrowed Flesh is hot off the press from Necon Ebooks
Borrowed Flesh is the story of an aging witch, Vanessa, who has eternal life.
She is the local tarot reader in a small New England town.
She is very vain and bathes in blood to keep her looks.
Vanessa hangs around the local high school looking for virgins.
Ashley is a budding hip hop artist. Her idol is TnT and she raps about everything.
When her friend, Alex goes missing, Ashley suspects the witch.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Black Mass Room 2012

After two long finger-clenching, nightmarish sweat soaked years, I finally returned to it. That place that had finally faded into a dull memory.
The bedroom where Rainy and I had stayed two years ago and where freaky things had happened to us in the night. DVRs on the Ghostgirls site have further proof about unexplanable voices in our room while we slept. 


When I entered the room, it was unnerving but not terrifying. I sat on "my" bed and surveyed the room. I remembered the nights and feared staying in there for the impending weekend.

The mansion had been renovated since our last stay and there were more rooms open on the second floor. Loren and I put out the nametags on various beds. Some of the rooms I was glad I didn't have to stay in. Sure they were big and gorgeous with huge beds but something didn't "feel" right in them.

Not that the Black Mass room felt any better. But in the end, Rainy and I stayed in a suite of rooms on the main floor. Of course, we chose beds next to each other, no way anyone slept alone in that mansion. Well, a couple of people did, but they were braver than I.

One of the DVRs from 2010 had a noise that sounded like a child saying, "Hi." With that in mind, I went into the Black Mass room at one point and invited the children to play with me. I pointed out the various equipment they could play with and I don't know if they did when I left the room.  The Lizzie Borden house has a room where children play and I wonder if they played in here too. Apparently this part of the house was built where a gym used to be. So it would make sense that children ghosts could play here.

The idea that ghost children would play with the blinking lights, k2 meters, recorders, propeller and other instruments was more appealing than the idea of encounter some angry Black Mass that oozes in and out of the room.

I don't think anything happened.
Funny, though, that no one wanted to stay in the room, even for one night to see if what Rainy and I spoke of was true....

One of the nights, a few of us went into the room while the GhostGirls were rolling cameras and dvrs after we'd been drinking various concoctions of wine, rum and absinthe all night. I turned on the laser light grid and we broke out into "Boogie Oogie Oogie Dancing Shoes" to celebrate the disco era.

The room seemed sad when I said good-bye to it on the last day. It was disappointed I was too chicken to sleep over. Oh, well. I wasn't the only one who was too chicken, that's for sure. Over twenty people in that house all over the place, but no one dared to sleep in The Black Mass Room.

I am curious to see if anything showed up on any of the cameras or digital recorders left in the room for 24 hours!

Friday, September 21, 2012

California Here I Come!

At long last, the wait is over!

Nearly two dozen horror authors and artists are spending four days at a beautiful retreat in California. Nestled in the mountains, this mansion provides a scenic historical refuge for those wishing to tap into the creative muse.

Perhaps because so much "consciousness" is floating around, poking around, exploring concepts and pleasures, there is an odd energy to the house.

The weekend will comprise of writers writing, artists arting and live blogging as it happens to record the more interesting to the outsider aspects of this retreat: paranormal investigation.

A professional ghost hunting team will be investigating with the standard gear.

Be certain to watch the blog as it happens!

Haunted Mansion Writers Retreat

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fan Expo and Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear in Toronto August 23, 2012


The screening for Slime City Massacre is at TEN O'CLOCK Friday MORNING.

Here's me and Greg Lamberson, director and writer of SLIME CITY MASSACRE at a previous Festival of Fear.

Kealan Patrick Burke, Jennifer Bihl and Sephera Giron on the set of Slime City Massacre.

I will be at booth 1717 at the Horror Writers Association Booth!

I'm also on a panel on Sunday at 2 pm with Greg Lamberson, Kelley Armstrong and Monica Kuebler.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Child!

In case you don't know who Honey Boo Boo Child is, you can click the above link or just Google. Lots to see if you Google!

Honey Boo Boo, whose real name is Alana Thompson, was first spotted on "Toddlers and Tiaras," a show that I'm weirdly addicted to.

I watch "Toddlers in Tiaras" for a few reasons. I was a dance competition mom but since I had a boy and our studio was run by a sane fair woman, I wasn't all crazy like the pageant and dance show moms. But I've seen seen a few in action.

So when I first spotted Toddlers in Tiaras, I was mystified, hypnotised, couldn't look away...I should add that when I first started watching the show, it had already been on for a  year and I was going through a difficult time in my life. I watched an ALL DAY MARATHON to block my brain from reality troubles and dropped right into glitz and glamour crazy of child pageants.

Instead of worrying about the wrong turn at Alburqurqee my life had gone down, I had to scrap my jaw off the floor as I watched little kids getting spray tans, false finger AND TOENAILS, waxed eyebrows, and other feminine rituals that I myself at age fifty have still never had done nor can afford to have done....

I grew attached to Oliver Reed incarnate MaKenzie or however she spells it and she's still my favourite to this day. Alas, I guess MaKenzie, though featured a few times, wasn't crazy enough for her own show though I'd certainly watch it.

However, Miss Holla for a Dolla has redneckanized America. Little six-year-old Alana Thompson and her amazing couponing mom, June have us transfixed in their spell of redneckery pagaentry.

Dad, Sugar Bear, works seven days a week to afford his brood of four obese daughters and 309 pound June and a grandbaby on the way.

In watching this family bond over cheese balls for breakfast, participating in the Annual Red Neck Games such as bobbing for raw pigs feet and belly-flopping in the mud, I realized something.

This family loves each other.

We can judge their "ways" all we want but at the end of the day, they do things together, whether it's driving those jeep things around or going to the pageants or listening to the pregnant 17 year old's baby's heartbeat.

They are a real family. Trying to have fun, a good life, make ends meet, and keep the kids entertained.

Much like when I watch Sisterwives or 19 Kids and Counting, I sit there with my mouth agape at these people oh so different than me.

Yet, here I am, alone in my apartment with my sons and no spouse. Yes, I myself still have two married living parents and count myself lucky with my own middle class childhood.

And all these reality show families have more than I do. Committed spouses, no matter what weird rules they have, a family that does things together. Bonding, rituals, togetherness, two parents.

These people live life and love life. They don't blame anyone else for their choices.

Although I will say, I have to laugh at that poor Glitzy the screaming pig. That poor pig will no doubt be bacon one day but in the meantime, it gets to have its toes painted and no doubt, a bunch of outfits will be donning that little pig who Honey Boo Boo sleeps with in a playpen.

What did Glitzy think of the pig feet dunking game? Will her feet be next? What does that pig feet water smell like in 100 degree heat before you plunge your head into it and pick up a raw pig foot with your teeth...?

I think I'll go vomit now...I don't have the stomach to be a redneck.

But I'll be watching Honey Boo Boo.

Here's a link to a spoof about Honey Boo!

Here's a link to a spoof about Makenzie

What do YOU think about this Honey Boo Boo business?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony is Amazing!

The opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics was mindblowing!

If you needed a reminder of all the amazing talent flying out of England, they managed to capture almost everyone!

So cool was the children's hospital number complete with gianormous nightmare character puppets from Peter Pan, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Harry Potter and others. Wonderful to see J.K. Rowling reading the opening of Peter Pan.

All of the numbers were amazing and huge.

I loved the evolution of music. I recognized every artist. Don't know if that shows my age or my pop culture knowledge! They even had the Sex Pistols!

Good luck to all of the athletes!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dudes and Dames: NexxLevel Dance Show July 26, 2012

A World Premiere Playing at Toronto’s Premier Event Venue – Palais Royale
ONE NIGHT ONLY- Thurs., July 26th, 2012  - 8PM

An open door into the complexity of both the male and female psyche, “Dudes & Dames” is a dance show like no other. 

A twisted fairy tale that reveals the truth about ourselves as people as we fess up to our contribution to the battle of the sexes that has gone on for centuries.

Using all forms of dance to tell the many different stories of romance, revenge and restoration that make up our unique emotional journies -
“Dudes & Dames” is entertainment at its best!

Featuring a diverse cast of Toronto’s top dancers under the creative leadership of renowned industry noted choreographers -
“Dudes & Dames” promises to be a night to remember!
A taste of what YOU will be privy to July 26th, 2012


Dudes and Dames – a Teaser Promo for the Palais Royale Performance July 26, 2012 from Garage Lab on Vimeo.

Featuring Jazz, Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Dancehall and more - YOU will experience an exclusive gateway into the 
hottest attraction in today's entertainment industry - dance theatre!
 “Join us Thursday, July 26th at 8PM at the fabulous Palais Roylae - a venue that is rich in Toronto’s cultural history and renowned for it stunning events.”
Chris Clarke – Artistic Director and Choreographer for “Dudes & Dames”  

Patrons are invited to stay after the show for a dance party.  This incredible evening is not to be missed!

Palais Royale
1601 Lakeshore Blvd. West
General Admission - $40
VIP Package Available – includes fine dining, a VIP gift bag and the show
For Tickets contact:

Check out “Dudes & Dames” on Facebook for Photos, Videos and More!

Friday, July 6, 2012

What is a Jackalope?

As with most creatures of this ilk, there are many explanations for its evolution into our modern day folklore.

Rumoured to be first discovered in the Western United States, the Jackalope has been spotted in modern times as far north as Ontario.

The common belief is that a Jackalope is the cross between a pygmy deer and a jack rabbit. Of course, there were people who created their own Jackalopes through taxidermy. Hopefully just on roadkill and not live animals a la Human Centipede.

This is a great website for Jackalope Information:

The Jackalope Conspiracy

Do you want to know more about Jackalopes?

Would you like to read stories about Jackalopes?

Check out this brand new anthology!


There are several fantastical tales about the JACKALOPE in these modern times in UNNATURAL TALES OF THE JACKALOPE.

My own story is called, "Running with Jackalopes" and is based on what happens when a lonely woman buys a Jackalope at a garage sale with the intention of giving it to her young nephew.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nik Walks the Falls and Give Us All Inspiration!

Nik Wallenda has entered history by becoming the first person to wire walk across Niagara Falls!

I watched this amazing man calmly walk across the roaring falls from my safe spot in the living room. I thought I was going to have a stroke just seeing it live on TV. The fact he wore a harness was a huge relief to me but it seemed to annoy him.

Congratulations to Nik for his amazing stunt!

His message was great too. He told us all to shoot for our dreams. He did and he got to live his dream!

Many people have tried various stunts over the years and most ended tragically.

If you want to read about some of the stunts gone wrong and the ghosts who linger in the Niagara Region, you should get this book:

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Haunted Mansion Project in Pictures

The Haunted Mansion Project is a collection of non-fiction and fiction.

What happened at the haunted mansion that weekend?

Who are the ghosts haunting it?

Can answers be found with tarot cards and state of the art ghost communication devices?

See interpretations of evp and other evidence in the journals.

Cringe in terror at the spooky tales of terror evolving from experiences over the weekend.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Birds and the Bees Is Ready to Order!

Once upon a time, I wrote horror novels for Leisure Books.

One of those books was called THE BIRDS AND THE BEES.

This book has now been reborn, a mighty phoenix rising from the ashes of obscurity...

Here's the blurb from the new version:

A paranoid fantasy, The Birds and The Bees is about what the title says it is. We learn to fear all sorts of flying things — birds, bees, hornets, wasps .... They are always just out of our consciousness, watching, waiting, their motives unclear. We also learn to fear all sorts of loving things — men, women, couples .... They are lying beside us, watching, waiting, their motives unclear. It's as if Daphne du Maurier and Erica Jong went to a party hosted by Timothy Leary, dropped acid, and decided to collaborate. A truly manic read.

Get Your Copy of The Birds and the Birds TODAY!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sisterwives Dodge the Law

In case you don't know, there's a reality show on TLC called Sisterwives about polygamy.

You know, most of me says grown adults can do whatever they like.

Who am I to judge?

However, when it comes to a show such as Sisterwives and they present themselves to the world, well, it's hard not to judge.

I still say, hey, do what you want.

My own questions stem from envisioning myself in any of the wive's shoes.

How on earth do you not get jealous?

How deep "in your faith" must you be to continue to have children when there is constant worry about money?

Where on earth do they get the money to build four houses side by side?

I don't watch the show very closely or religiously so perhaps these questions were actually answered along the way.

I myself don't see a happy commune when I watch the show. I see plump sad women who try to logically put their normal human feelings into boxes dictated by their faith and it's hard to watch them struggle with themselves. It's not what they say, it's how unhealthy they look. They looked unhealthy from the start so it's not like sudden tv fame is taking it's toll, though I'm sure it is. And maybe tv fame has accounted for some of the financial influx.  

It also amuses me to see how they own a gym. A gym? Really? Or did I dream that. Imagine the bucks that gym could pull in if the Sisterwives created some Mormon weightloss formula and they all got svele working out at their gym and selling their product.

Maybe in a few months the Sisterwives will be healthier in their new houses with their ever expanding family.

Kody must be one massive charmer in real life, that's all I can say.

At least the law is wisely keeping them from jail.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Haunted Mansion Project

I took this from Rain Graves' Page:

The Haunted Mansion Project Year One, Presented by Rain Graves and Edited by E.S. Magill

The book contains a fantastic set of factual and fictional information--from a scientific perspective of data gathered at the site and analyzed by our professional investigative team, Ghost-Girls, essays and journal notes from attendees and their paranormal experiences or skepticism, to stories and poems inspired by the time spent there.

For your perusal, here is the Table of Contents:

Forward by E.S. Magill
Introduction by Rain Graves

Investigative Narrative by Nichole Boscia

The Haunted Mansion Rules and the Writers Who Mock Them by S.G. Browne
Touched by Loren Rhoads
Journal of a Paranormal Mind by Rain Graves
Notes from the Haunted Mansion by Sephera Giron
Sounds Like Faith to Me by Kim Richards
Coming Home: Some Thoughts on Haunted Houses by E.S. Magill

Taken by Attendees

Depictions by Yvonne Navarro
Red Road to Spirit Mansion by Rain Graves
And Not a Drop to Drink by E.S. Magill
Ghost Meter Blues by Weston Ochse
He Journeyed Through Midgard by Christian Colvin
The Journal by Kim Richards
Insane Cinquains by Dan Weidman
In the Night, In the Dark by S.G. Browne
The Old House (At 324 Oak Street) by Rain Graves
The Third Room by Sephera Giron
A Curiosity of Shadows by Loren Rhoads

Haunted Mansion Project Book

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Victorian Seance in Niagara Falls, Ontario!

Are you curious about paranormal investigations?

Have you always wanted to go to one but felt you didn't have enough experience to blend in with the others?

Here's a fabulous group you can join comprised of seasoned professionals and people who have "never done this kind of thing before."

Paranormal Investigative Society of Toronto has just started up for the summer ghost hunting season!

If you want to go to a Victorian Seance and also ghost hunt, check out the event at Blythewood Manor in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

From the MeetUp Group:

The Event

Set in this historic victorian manor, you will participate in an intimate seance along with only 5 people.

Arrival, introductions and history

Group 1 (6 people) - Seance

Group 2 (6 people) - Tarot/EVP/Communications/Photo 2nd level,most haunted location

Refreshments (Coffee/Tea)

Group 1 (6 people) - Tarot/EVP/Communications/Photo 2nd level,most haunted location

Group 2 (6 people) - Seance

Wrap Up

Please allow up to 4 hours for this event.

Just off the parkway & 5 minutes from Clifton Hill, Blythewood Manor is very accessible. This location should not pose too many problems due to the weather. (main roads all the way)

History & Happenings
Located just off the Niagara Parkway sits Blythewood Manor. In 1872 this house was built on what was Clifton Avenue, later changed to Zimmerman after the man who designed the house.

The same man, Zimmerman, also designed the Niagara Falls train station, located on Bridge Street.

The Zimmerman house was owned and built by James Bampfield in 1872. The house was built for his wife Margaret Bampfield.

There were a number of deaths in the house on Zimmerman. Ida Bampfield had a stroke but it was not fatal but did restrict her to the house. She was cared for by her daughters who moved her bedroom to the dining room of the house where she stayed until her death.

During this time her son came to visit her and became quite ill, in fact dying in the house of a sudden heart attack brought about by a coughing fit during that visit.

During a paranormal investigation of the house in September 2009 two mediums, on two separate times picked up a woman who fell down the stairs and subsequently died of her injuries. (This claim was not substantiated). We were also informed of a boy named Derek who fell from the middle bedroom on the second floor on the south side of the house. He was not a Bampfield, but a relative.

There is also some paranormal evidence that suggests a woman was killed accidently in the basement of the home, a name of Ruth has come to light both times and through two different mediums. Numerous orbs have been filmed in the house, mostly on the second floor. These orbs would actually respond to verbal commands, getting bigger or smaller, coming closer or entering or leaving rooms on command.

Some common haunting occurrences in the home.

The distinct sound of walking on the main staircase and in the old servants room, which is located over the kitchen. The smell of a floral perfume in the first floor hallway that leads to the kitchen. The appearance of light anomalies in the front bedroom on the second floor. The visual appearance of a little girl, Anne Bampfield on the second floor. Anne did grow to be an adult but we have been told she enjoyed her childhood here at the house so much that when she returns to the house she does so as a child of about 8-10 years.

The current owners have seen the shadow shape of a woman move through the kitchen from where the old servant staircase used to be, towards where the old pantry used to be located.

The image of a gentleman aged about mid 40’s with a trim beard is often seen in the mirror of the middle bedroom on the second floor. Sneezing can be heard on the second floor when no one is upstairs.
The sound of a woman’s voice, with a British accent can be heard responding to conversation that will be taking place among people in or around the house. You will often not feel alone when standing at the top of the main staircase.

The aroma of cigar or pipe smoke can be smelt in the living room and on the veranda. The scent of floral perfume can also be smelt on the upper floors and in the narrow hall to the kitchen.

"The spirits come and go and seem genuinely happy and content. The house will feel very quite when they’re not home, then suddenly, you will feel that others are home with you, but not in a bad way. I akin it with when your children leave home, the house feels empty." - Wayne. The Owner

Victorian Seance, June 2, 2012, Niagara Falls, Ontario