Friday, February 25, 2022

Let's Do Writing Sprints Together!

Let's Sprint Together and Get Stuff Done!

Writing, editing, painting, dancing, studying, doing taxes, housework, or any other task that could benefit from focused segments of attention!

Writing can be a lonely occupation and we all have days where we need a little nudge or even a little competition with ourselves.

Distractions can be rampant when you’re facing a blank page. Maybe you’re having trouble focusing or having writer’s block or any myriad of procrastination impulses. Sometimes in writing alone but in a group for sprints and workshops, you can find your jam again.

Some people love the high of doing NaNoWriMo, which is a contest where you write as fast as you can for the month of November to hopefully produce a novel.

Writing Sprints with Sèphera666 can be part of your routine to help you write or focus on any project plus you can network with other creatives doing the same.

All of these reasons and more are why I created Writing Sprints with Sephera666. You may have seen me around online as I’ve been test-driving various concepts of it on various platforms over the past few months. But now, I’m ready to reveal my present incarnation of WritingSprints with Sèphera666.

Twice a week, on Twitch, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 pm EST, I’ll be on to lead you through Writing Sprints. Right now, we’re writing in thirty-minute increments. I’m considering changing it to fifty-minutes once in a while and see what people like best. I’m still playing with it all and listening to your feedback.

How it works:

You join the stream at any time, you won’t be disruptive at all. No signup. No commitment. It’s ongoing so drop in and out anytime.

When I sign in at the beginning of the stream, I talk for a bit and then we get to work.

A timer is set. We can all see it. I turn off my mic so that you don’t have to listen to me.

You are free to type in the chat at any time, but I won’t answer on mic until the break.

You will hear mellow royalty-free content-approved music from Pretzel if you keep your volume up. I can’t take requests at this time.

The timer goes off and the sprint is finished.

We do a few simple stretching exercises. You can go get water, use the bathroom and so on.

While we stretch, we have a little chat about what we’re working on, share market reports, writing opportunities, agents, editors, advice on getting published or how to sell your work after it’s published or anything else under the sun.

This can last five to ten minutes, depending on how many people want to share with the class!

Then we dive into another sprint. 

The sprints can last from one hour to several so pop in anytime!


Tuesdays 4 pm EST

Thursdays 4 pm EST

Watch for popups. 

Check the calendar for schedule changes.

I also will be on other times for sprints, which I currently consider pop-ups so make sure you follow me on Twitch so you know when I’m on and can join in and fill those white spaces with words!

Fridays at two, I often stream a video game, but sometimes I turn that into a Writing Sprint as well, depending on what is going on in my life and deadlines.


It’s my goal to provide a safe place to sprint, network, share ideas, markets, give-and-get advice, and all that good stuff that happens when writers get together. This is a brand-new adventure and I’d love for you to join me.


Writers of all genres and levels are welcome. Creatives and students of all levels are welcome. You never have to show your work. Sometimes I show bits of mine, but not too much so that I won’t have rights issues when I’m selling my work.


Twitch.TV is a free platform and it’s easy to sign up and use.

Lurk in Comfort!

I never have my counter on, so I have no idea how many people are there, and even better, who they are unless you type in the chat.

Let's Hang Out!

The goal of Writing Sprints with Sephera666 is to help all of you a) get your work done and b) network with each other!

I look forward to sprinting with you all! Follow me so you know when I’m on.