Sunday, January 5, 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping you have a spectacular 2020!

These are a few pictures from the fireworks at City Hall on New Year's Eve.

I had to work, reading tarot at a party, but it was only a block away and I was finished before midnight so I was able to wander over to see the fireworks at midnight!

New Book!

In 2019, my book Taurus: A Hearse of a Different Color was published in both print and e-book. You can grab a copy anywhere online! Don't forget to leave a review.

And, hey, speaking of reviews, here's a nice one for A Hearse of a Different Color!

Several of my short stories were also published; another magician story in The Pulp Book of Phobias, a couple of monster stories, and more.

Of course, the new horoscopes are up. Don't forget to subscribe to me on YouTube so that you don't miss when I post new horoscopes, Writers Behaving Badly rants and positive messages of the day!

If you've been thinking about checking out any of my courses on Udemy, today is the day! There are huge sales on Udemy until January 8 so click on these links to enjoy deep savings on all of my courses!

If you click a link on my website, I receive a bigger percentage. If you don't click my links, I make about a dollar per class but if you use my links, I can make five bucks and sometimes ten, depending on how they are calculating it. So that's some information that you might find useful not only for me but for anyone you take classes from on Udemy!

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