Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beyond the Edge of Reality Show

The other night, I was on the "Beyond the Edge of Reality Show" discussing tarot reading, paranormal investigations, Lizzie Borden, The Haunted Mansion Retreat, Slime City Massacre and more.

It was a lot of fun, remembering how and why I learned to read tarot to begin with and what twisty paths I've been journeying along. As I talked about how I used to be afraid of tarot cards, I remember just how paralyzing that fear had been. I felt that if I read cards, I'd be dancing with the devil. But once I became educated about what they really are and what they can and can't "do," the fear slipped away.

These days I can't imagine a life without playing with a crystal or peeking at a tarot card. Just because I can see possibilities doesn't mean that I will make the right choices in reaching my goals. Deciphering symbols for other people is always easier, as any tarot reader will share with you. Most readers don't read for themselves. It's too hard to see clearly no matter how open you believe you're being.

Remembering the Lizzie Borden House and some of the mysterious events that had happened there made me want to return more than ever. Lisa Mannetti and I will be broadcasting a show from the Lizzie Borden House in July.

The Haunted Mansion Project also came up and I talked about my paranormal adventures from my two visits.

I had a lot of fun being on the show and am looking forward to being on again sometime.

For an hour before me, there's much talk about haunted dolls with creepy dolls people.
I was on the second half of the show, around the 63 minute mark.

As always, I'm available for tarot readings by email or call me or chat with me on my keen line. You can book a time if I'm marked away.  keen . com ariana23

I also was on another blogtalk radio show for a tiny bit. This one had channeller Solana on to channel Lizzie Borden's spirit. Lisa Mannetti was also on giving a history of the Lizzie Borden case as well as relaying experiences that had happened to her on paranormal investigations there.

Curious Times with Solana and Lisa Mannetti with a call-in from Sephera Giron