Friday, May 25, 2012

Haunted Mansion Project

I took this from Rain Graves' Page:

The Haunted Mansion Project Year One, Presented by Rain Graves and Edited by E.S. Magill

The book contains a fantastic set of factual and fictional information--from a scientific perspective of data gathered at the site and analyzed by our professional investigative team, Ghost-Girls, essays and journal notes from attendees and their paranormal experiences or skepticism, to stories and poems inspired by the time spent there.

For your perusal, here is the Table of Contents:

Forward by E.S. Magill
Introduction by Rain Graves

Investigative Narrative by Nichole Boscia

The Haunted Mansion Rules and the Writers Who Mock Them by S.G. Browne
Touched by Loren Rhoads
Journal of a Paranormal Mind by Rain Graves
Notes from the Haunted Mansion by Sephera Giron
Sounds Like Faith to Me by Kim Richards
Coming Home: Some Thoughts on Haunted Houses by E.S. Magill

Taken by Attendees

Depictions by Yvonne Navarro
Red Road to Spirit Mansion by Rain Graves
And Not a Drop to Drink by E.S. Magill
Ghost Meter Blues by Weston Ochse
He Journeyed Through Midgard by Christian Colvin
The Journal by Kim Richards
Insane Cinquains by Dan Weidman
In the Night, In the Dark by S.G. Browne
The Old House (At 324 Oak Street) by Rain Graves
The Third Room by Sephera Giron
A Curiosity of Shadows by Loren Rhoads

Haunted Mansion Project Book

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Victorian Seance in Niagara Falls, Ontario!

Are you curious about paranormal investigations?

Have you always wanted to go to one but felt you didn't have enough experience to blend in with the others?

Here's a fabulous group you can join comprised of seasoned professionals and people who have "never done this kind of thing before."

Paranormal Investigative Society of Toronto has just started up for the summer ghost hunting season!

If you want to go to a Victorian Seance and also ghost hunt, check out the event at Blythewood Manor in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

From the MeetUp Group:

The Event

Set in this historic victorian manor, you will participate in an intimate seance along with only 5 people.

Arrival, introductions and history

Group 1 (6 people) - Seance

Group 2 (6 people) - Tarot/EVP/Communications/Photo 2nd level,most haunted location

Refreshments (Coffee/Tea)

Group 1 (6 people) - Tarot/EVP/Communications/Photo 2nd level,most haunted location

Group 2 (6 people) - Seance

Wrap Up

Please allow up to 4 hours for this event.

Just off the parkway & 5 minutes from Clifton Hill, Blythewood Manor is very accessible. This location should not pose too many problems due to the weather. (main roads all the way)

History & Happenings
Located just off the Niagara Parkway sits Blythewood Manor. In 1872 this house was built on what was Clifton Avenue, later changed to Zimmerman after the man who designed the house.

The same man, Zimmerman, also designed the Niagara Falls train station, located on Bridge Street.

The Zimmerman house was owned and built by James Bampfield in 1872. The house was built for his wife Margaret Bampfield.

There were a number of deaths in the house on Zimmerman. Ida Bampfield had a stroke but it was not fatal but did restrict her to the house. She was cared for by her daughters who moved her bedroom to the dining room of the house where she stayed until her death.

During this time her son came to visit her and became quite ill, in fact dying in the house of a sudden heart attack brought about by a coughing fit during that visit.

During a paranormal investigation of the house in September 2009 two mediums, on two separate times picked up a woman who fell down the stairs and subsequently died of her injuries. (This claim was not substantiated). We were also informed of a boy named Derek who fell from the middle bedroom on the second floor on the south side of the house. He was not a Bampfield, but a relative.

There is also some paranormal evidence that suggests a woman was killed accidently in the basement of the home, a name of Ruth has come to light both times and through two different mediums. Numerous orbs have been filmed in the house, mostly on the second floor. These orbs would actually respond to verbal commands, getting bigger or smaller, coming closer or entering or leaving rooms on command.

Some common haunting occurrences in the home.

The distinct sound of walking on the main staircase and in the old servants room, which is located over the kitchen. The smell of a floral perfume in the first floor hallway that leads to the kitchen. The appearance of light anomalies in the front bedroom on the second floor. The visual appearance of a little girl, Anne Bampfield on the second floor. Anne did grow to be an adult but we have been told she enjoyed her childhood here at the house so much that when she returns to the house she does so as a child of about 8-10 years.

The current owners have seen the shadow shape of a woman move through the kitchen from where the old servant staircase used to be, towards where the old pantry used to be located.

The image of a gentleman aged about mid 40’s with a trim beard is often seen in the mirror of the middle bedroom on the second floor. Sneezing can be heard on the second floor when no one is upstairs.
The sound of a woman’s voice, with a British accent can be heard responding to conversation that will be taking place among people in or around the house. You will often not feel alone when standing at the top of the main staircase.

The aroma of cigar or pipe smoke can be smelt in the living room and on the veranda. The scent of floral perfume can also be smelt on the upper floors and in the narrow hall to the kitchen.

"The spirits come and go and seem genuinely happy and content. The house will feel very quite when they’re not home, then suddenly, you will feel that others are home with you, but not in a bad way. I akin it with when your children leave home, the house feels empty." - Wayne. The Owner

Victorian Seance, June 2, 2012, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Friday, May 4, 2012

GLOBAL MARIJUANA MARCH on Saturday May 5, 2012

The Global Marijuana March is tomorrow. This is an important occasion not just because pot is a fun party drug but because pot also has many medicinal uses that should be harnessed.

Pot can help alleviate a myriad of medical issues from depression to pain relief. It can help cancer patients gain an appetite. It can relax your muscles from excruciating back pain. Use it to relieve pressure in the eyes from glaucoma.

How many crimes have been committed by people smoking pot? Just pot. Not pot and booze or crack or anything else.

Likely not many with the exception of actually smoking pot.

Pot makes most people mellow, some get paranoid which can work for or against them, and of course, most people get very hungry after smoking some pot.

Mildly depressed people sometimes find that have a few tokes on a joint can shift their moods enough to carry on with their day.

People with sexual hangups may become more sensual as they enjoy their bodies more when they're high although they can also just get more paranoid and hung up too, you have to experiment to find out what happens with your own chemistry.

If you have sleep disorders, trouble falling asleep, or wicked bad nightmares, smoking a joint before bedtime can help.

Don't ever smoke pot at work or while driving.

Come out to the pot march to help push the bill towards legalizing marijuana and learn more about all the benefits.

Global Marijuana March

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's May! It's Springtime! 

Tear off the winter gear in anticipation of warmer weather. It's time to strut your stuff in your best nightclub attire. Or maybe you want to go on a ghost hunt! There's lots to do if you're up for something different.

First up is Northbound Leather's Fetish Night on Saturday, May 5

Northbound Leather's Fetish Night at Goodhandy's

Torture Garden on May 18, 19 and 20 is fast approaching. Get your tickets now in order to avoid disappointment. This is a jam packed weekend complete with parties and seminars. Opera House, Great Hall, and Rue Morgue's House of Horrors are all part of the multi-venue fetish extravaganza. Torture Garden is a world renowned festival  and Toronto is fast garnering more attention from alternative lifestyle fans around the globe. It would behoove you to hurry on over to the link and buy your ticket quickly.

Subspace Events in May

Torture Garden Tickets

You can also have weekend adult fun at several adult lifestyle clubs.

Enjoy a dinner cabaret before the party at W. Cabaret three nights a week.

W. Cabaret

Then party all night long on three floors of decadence at Wicked Club.
Thursday nights are Booty Call Night, Fridays are Threesomes, and Saturday Night is a theme night.

Wicked Club Events

Enjoy Fetish Fridays hosted by Northbound Leather at the Oasis AquaLounge on May 18.

Lady Viktoria is offering an intensive workshop. Space is limited so sign up early.

 Lady Viktoria

The all day workshop includes meals!

Now if all that Fetish talk is too scary for you, why not go ghost hunting with a blend of seasoned pros and newbies!

Saturday May 5, there's a full moon investigation in New York State at historic Palmyia.  There are still some spots left.

Full Moon Investigation

Find out more about P.I.S.T.

Paranormal 101