Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Black Mass Room 2012

After two long finger-clenching, nightmarish sweat soaked years, I finally returned to it. That place that had finally faded into a dull memory.
The bedroom where Rainy and I had stayed two years ago and where freaky things had happened to us in the night. DVRs on the Ghostgirls site have further proof about unexplanable voices in our room while we slept. 


When I entered the room, it was unnerving but not terrifying. I sat on "my" bed and surveyed the room. I remembered the nights and feared staying in there for the impending weekend.

The mansion had been renovated since our last stay and there were more rooms open on the second floor. Loren and I put out the nametags on various beds. Some of the rooms I was glad I didn't have to stay in. Sure they were big and gorgeous with huge beds but something didn't "feel" right in them.

Not that the Black Mass room felt any better. But in the end, Rainy and I stayed in a suite of rooms on the main floor. Of course, we chose beds next to each other, no way anyone slept alone in that mansion. Well, a couple of people did, but they were braver than I.

One of the DVRs from 2010 had a noise that sounded like a child saying, "Hi." With that in mind, I went into the Black Mass room at one point and invited the children to play with me. I pointed out the various equipment they could play with and I don't know if they did when I left the room.  The Lizzie Borden house has a room where children play and I wonder if they played in here too. Apparently this part of the house was built where a gym used to be. So it would make sense that children ghosts could play here.

The idea that ghost children would play with the blinking lights, k2 meters, recorders, propeller and other instruments was more appealing than the idea of encounter some angry Black Mass that oozes in and out of the room.

I don't think anything happened.
Funny, though, that no one wanted to stay in the room, even for one night to see if what Rainy and I spoke of was true....

One of the nights, a few of us went into the room while the GhostGirls were rolling cameras and dvrs after we'd been drinking various concoctions of wine, rum and absinthe all night. I turned on the laser light grid and we broke out into "Boogie Oogie Oogie Dancing Shoes" to celebrate the disco era.

The room seemed sad when I said good-bye to it on the last day. It was disappointed I was too chicken to sleep over. Oh, well. I wasn't the only one who was too chicken, that's for sure. Over twenty people in that house all over the place, but no one dared to sleep in The Black Mass Room.

I am curious to see if anything showed up on any of the cameras or digital recorders left in the room for 24 hours!