Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome Coffin Hoppers!

Happy Halloween!

Well, knowing that there will now be visitors to my new blog site means that I'd better put up some interesting things soon, shouldn't I?

But first, the good stuff!

Everyone who signs up for my monthly/sporadic newsletter will be entered into a draw. I will pick three winners and they each will receive an e-book edition of:

Aries: Swinging Into Spring  (an erotic horror novel)

The Narcissist's BLT: The Beauty, the Linguist, and the Triathlete (a horror novella)

Release (short horror story)

No One Listens (short horror story)

So, sign up today and at the end of the Coffin Hop, I will draw three names at random and send you the coupons to enjoy these horrific stories!

Sephera's World Newsletter

HOUSE OF PAIN has been re-released in PRINT form for those that haven't made it over to the e-book revolution yet. I'm very excited about seeing HOUSE OF PAIN out again. It was a true pleasure to write. It is very loosely based on the Canadian Serial Killers, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.