Thursday, May 19, 2022

Stokercon 2022 in Denver, Colorado

Pearson Airport (Toronto YYZ)

CN Tower (I was surprised my cell phone camera actually caught it!)

Sunrise in Toronto!

View from my hotel room in Denver!

The poster outside my room has The Who on it! 

I was on the Music Floor!

Guests of Honour Brian Keene and Gemma Files among many others!

Lynne Hansen and Sèphera Girón

Sèphera and Lisa Kröger

Mary SanGiovanni, Brian Keene, Rosie O'Keefe

Tim Waggoner

Tim Waggoner, Briane Keene, Sèphera

Sèphera and Jeff Strand

Seph, Larissa Glasser, Chris Hughes

Sèphera, Chris Hughes, Larissa Glasser, Sumiko Saulson

Seph, Sumiko Saulson, Sarah Langan

Seph, Linda Addison, Michelle Scalise

                                                     Maurice Broaddus, Sheree Renee Thomas                       

Gemma Files meets Jamie Flanagan while Jonathan Lees looks on.

Rena Mason and Seph

Still negative! Yay!

John Skipp and Sèphera Girón

Colleen Anderson and Seph

Heather Graham

Linda Addison's Fox Boots!

Lisa Morton, Seph, Jason Brock

Full Moon post-eclipse followed me home on the midnight flight.

Sunrise in Newark, New York

Back in Toronto, it all went by so fast!