Sunday, March 30, 2014

TTC Riders Sardine Award Goes To Glenn Murray

On Friday March 28, 2014, nearly 100 residents of Toronto gathered in front of Glenn Murray's office to give him the Sardine Award.

First we gathered at College and University, where the organizers passed out signs and sardine hats. We didn't know our destination, it was top secret. We were told to board streetcars and so we did, squished together like the sardines that hats and signs depicted. We disembarked at Parliament and waited until everyone was gathered once more. We chanted for a while and then marched up the street. Only then did we know our final destination.

We were giving the award to Glenn Murray.

He didn't come out to accept it. From the articles I've posted, it seems he wasn't in his office when we stopped by.

At least he knows people are trying to make a difference whether it was towards the correct government official or not. The idea is to be heard, and the disgruntled riders apparently made the news.

In recent months, I've decided to become more proactive about my unhappiness with the TTC. I know most of it isn't TTC's fault but the economy, lack of government funding and so on. 

In a perfect world, I envision a subway line that spans from Winston Churchill to the Toronto Zoo. I see other rapid transit lines, above the city. Perhaps a shuttle from Pearon, down the 427 and then along the Gardner while the Gardner as we know it has been eliminated. The QEW would dump into a system that divides into north and east and also provides multi level parking garages where they can catch that subway or rapid train (NOT the GO train) I spoke of into the city. There would be another line that goes up Roncessville then runs along Dundas and loops around back from somewhere in Scarborough.

But those are unrealistic pipedreams.

However, something needs to be done to move more people.

This past winter was harsh and no one sane drove more than he or she had to. I wanted to get around much more than I did but the cost of taking the TTC can really add up day to day. Buying a pass won't help me because I don't take the TTC every day, but sometimes I just want to pop out to the gym or go for drinks and I have to add $6 to my experience. When times are tight, that adds up fast. 

I believe TTC passes should be lowered to around $50 a month. Before people shout about lost revenue, I would bet that lost revenue would be made up from people like me who take the TTC a lot, would take it much more if it wasn't so costly, and would buy a pass every month just to have it. The TTC isn't losing my single use money because they've lost tons of money from me because I can't justify the cost of going 4 km to the gym which is just too far to walk and costs about fifty cents to drive with free parking. However, I would buy a reasonable pass in a flash and get out way more. I still probably wouldn't use up the $50 but it makes more sense to someone like me.

So I've been looking around for what I can do about helping get the cost down and perhaps help with examining service options. 

If you are fed up with the TTC or want to see what you can do to help make things better, check out groups such as TTC Riders. There are often smaller groups in your community examining these very issues so do a google and see where you fit in.

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