Wednesday, May 15, 2024

What's Going On?

Super busy times!!

But at least here are a few new-to-most-of-you titles to check out! All of these titles are available on Amazon and many other platforms in both ebook and print. 

Except for Specimens. 

Specimens is a sampler containing six stories from Sèphera Girón and Andrew Robertson, published by The Great Lakes Horror Company. 

This collection was created as a free treat for those who are attending Stokercon San Diego 2024. 

If you're attending the convention, make sure you don't leave without one! The book is short as it's just a taste of some of our work so you can slip it into your laptop case or knapsack. 

Have you picked up a copy of Weird Tales of Terror Volume One yet? I know it's been through a few changes but this edition from The Great Lakes Horror Company looks fabulous! Hot off the press!

DEARLY DEPARTED is a collection from both Andrew Robertson and myself. Although the book contains reprints, some are slightly different in this version. Also, bet you can't find half of them in the wild even if you wanted to! So grab your copy today with this real cool cover of a Jackalope!

BLOOD GAMES is a vampire anthology risen from its old incarnation HIGH STAKES and has gathered up a few new authors to add to the collection! Hot off the press! Released March 2024!

SERIAL VLOGGER is my love letter to people who like to read my work. Every week I add a new slice to the SERIAL VLOGGER pie. By the end of it all, there will be a complete novel. As of this writing, there are 31 slices already published with many to go. It's free to read and free to sign up so that new slices go directly into your inbox. There is also a place to pay for a subscription if you wish to support my efforts and for that, I'm super grateful! But you can read for free!

   I'm always available to give tarot readings. Right now I'm pushing video readings. How does it work?
You send me $20 on Paypal along with your question. Or maybe you have no question and that's fine as well. You don't have to send a question, I can just see what I can see. If you know it, please include your birth information: day/month/year time/place 

Once I receive your information and payment, I will make a little video with your reading and email it back to you. If there's a specific email you want it sent, include that in the notes. You can also get video tarot card readings as a gift for someone else. 

I'll be able to give in-person readings at Stokercon. You can book an appointment in advance. Just send the $20 and then we'll together pick a good time for both of us at the con. 

Tarot Readings are a large part of my income right now, so I super appreciate your support!

If you don't have Paypal, you can pay on stripe or e-transfer. 

Thank you for your support!

See you at Stokercon!

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