Monday, June 4, 2012

The Birds and the Bees Is Ready to Order!

Once upon a time, I wrote horror novels for Leisure Books.

One of those books was called THE BIRDS AND THE BEES.

This book has now been reborn, a mighty phoenix rising from the ashes of obscurity...

Here's the blurb from the new version:

A paranoid fantasy, The Birds and The Bees is about what the title says it is. We learn to fear all sorts of flying things — birds, bees, hornets, wasps .... They are always just out of our consciousness, watching, waiting, their motives unclear. We also learn to fear all sorts of loving things — men, women, couples .... They are lying beside us, watching, waiting, their motives unclear. It's as if Daphne du Maurier and Erica Jong went to a party hosted by Timothy Leary, dropped acid, and decided to collaborate. A truly manic read.

Get Your Copy of The Birds and the Birds TODAY!


  1. Sounds cool! What a pity I cannot order it in my country:(
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  2. It's an ebook, you can order it anywhere, I believe.