Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weird Tales of Terror

My experiment in the e-book universe continues on.
A few days ago, I released Weird Tales of Terror.
It was free today on Kindle and over eighty copies were downloaded which I thought wasn't bad for an unadvertised event.
In the meantime, I've sold a few copies.
It will be interesting to see how well a collections of short stories and one novel will do.
I also keep changing around my various book covers at Smashwords and Kindle. Sometimes I post them on Pintrest.
The contents for Weird Tales of Terror include:
Wanna Go For A Ride?
Mmm Chicken
What Would Lizzie Do?
Jean Jeannie: Are You A Boy or a Girl?
No One Listens
The Witch's Field (Novel)

1 comment:

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