Friday, August 9, 2013

Toronto in the Summertime

Ripley's Aquarium Canada

Toronto is really a beautiful city in the summertime. There are long stretches of boardwalks, parks, festivals, and more.

There is so much to see and do if you're from out of town.

CN Tower now has an Edgewalk where you can walk around the outside of the CN Tower while attached to a harness as well as other attractions.

Edgewalk at the CN Tower

There's the Ontario Science Center, the Metro Zoo, and Wonderland.

Casa Loma, Fort York, Black Creek Pioneer Village, High Park, and other fabulous historical areas await your visit.

The CNE is opening soon with all of its midway attractions, animal shows, trade shows, games of chance, and more.

The Ripley's Aquarium will open in  September and I can hardly wait. There will be sharks. There will even be a place where you can bring a sleeping bag to sleep under the sharks. I'm unclear so far exactly how this works and if it's only for school groups but how cool is that?

Sleep with the Sharks

Perhaps its because right now Shark Week is on the Discovery Channel and I've been tuning in and out. I've been a bit disappointed this week because so many of the shows feel familiar and if I've not seen them before, I've seen large portions of them. I also didn't appreciate two hours spent on a mockumentary. I was glad I watched the Bachelorette for the first hour of Megalodon.

The idea of Toronto having an aquarium finally is a dream come true for me. The first real aquarium that I remember was at Mystic Connecticut. I've been to Marineland which I didn't like at all because I thought, back then, the tanks were much too small. I've not been in twenty years so it may have changed.

I've been to the aquarium in Baltimore and that was very cool. Also went to the shark exhibit in Las Vegas.

It was always a great desire of mine to have an aquarium here in Toronto and now it's nearly completed. We already have a fabulous museum and so many other interesting attractions that any tourist would be happy to see.

Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland

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