Sunday, January 24, 2016

Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base Behind the Scenes is Funny

                                      I found this picture on the internet.

A couple of weeks ago, Saturday Night Live aired an Undercover Boss spoof about Starkiller Base and Kylo Ren.

It was the funniest thing I've seen in years. Maybe even since I saw Tropic Thunder.

Good for you, Saturday Night Live for hitting one out of the park. I still watch SNL when I can, and it's still as uneven as ever but every now and again they get it right.

The skit was so simple yet so hilarious.

 I was the target audience since I actually watch Undercover Boss and I'm a Star Wars and Kylo Ren fan.

I found this version on Youtube. I can't get the official SNL one to play here in Canada. I do not own this video.

There are some outtakes floating around the net and there's some additional footage that didn't make the skit. They are funny as well. I found this version of the outtakes on Youtube.

I do not own this video. I found it on Youtube.

Obviously, besides clever writing and all the great stuff that makes a parody, Adam Driver's acting skills can't be overlooked for both his sensitive and terrifying portrayal of Kylo Ren in TWA and for his magnificent comedic timing and tone in the skit.

People have been making fun of Star Wars for years. I myself have several catch phrases in my everyday vocabulary. The mocking of Kylo Ren and now Matt the Radar Technician is fun to see. Takes everyone's mind off the real issues of the world for a few minutes.

Mock Toys and Such

Funny Kylo Tumbler drawings

Someone got a tattoo of "Matt" which is really Adam Driver playing Kylo Ren playing Matt!

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