Thursday, October 14, 2021

Halloween Horror Stories

 I'm continuing my Halloween celebrations with two more readings. 

On October 21, I'll be reading several pieces by Edgar Allan Poe, culminating in The Tell-Tale Heart for those who missed it the other night. This is a live reading. It's not prerecorded. Feel free to talk to each other in the chat room. The pieces are short so that you can come taste some bite-sized horror. 

On October 27, I'll be reading some of my own work, TBA. This will also be a live reading with the chat activated so you can post either to me or to each other. 

These readings are on my Twitch.TV channel under my name Sephera666. Be sure to follow me right now so that you are always notified when I go live which is a few times a month.

These readings are fun gifts to you so I hope you enjoy them!

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