Monday, June 6, 2022

Amber Heard's $22,000 a month house

I've been trying really hard not to have many controversial opinions online these days, I save them for my Patreon. 

If you want my trial thoughts etc. you can go hear them there. 

But I really need to chime in on this whole Amber Heard rental house bru-ha-ha without wading into trial stuff.

 Okay, folks, let's get real here. 

Once you settle down from hearing the number "$22,000" as one month's rent for a very cool house, stop and think for a second. 

Or rather, I'll give you my thoughts. 

I'm far from rich. Barely scraping by most times, to be honest, as a working writer. Good months, bad months. But I've found a nice co-op that isn't too expensive and therefore since I'm not working just to pay my rent most of the time anymore, I can go to a writer's conference now and again. 

Last month, I stayed at a hotel in Denver Colorado for one of them. The discount convention rate for one regular room with two beds was $175.00US plus various taxes, tips, and so on per night. That's for one average regular person with no extras, no room service or luxuries, no little couch, no tables or closets. One small bar fridge, one safe, one hairdryer. No bathtub. I paid about a grand US for a five-night stay. 

So, let's say, I wanted a room with more amenities and perhaps an adjoining room for my baby. For that hotel, it would be several hundred per night. 

When you're pointing fingers at Amber Heard for spending $22,000 per month at a mansion near the trial, do the math!

It was way cheaper for her to rent that house, and more comfortable for the baby and nanny than to stay in some luxury hotel somewhere. 

I don't know who all she has living with her, but I would venture to say she had the baby, at least one nanny, Whitney at the minimum living there. That assortment of people in let's say three rooms would be at my writer convention rate would be $600 US a night. Multiply that by 30 nights. That's $18,000 if they had three little hotel rooms similar to the one I had in Denver. 

And you know that they would likely need at least ten grand a night at a hotel for all the staff and security. 

So to rent out a house for $22,000 that has at the minimum three rooms of people in it and more likely there were way more people than Amber, Whitney, baby and nanny in the house. There would have been security. Did she bring her own hair and makeup people or did local people come in? Did other people stay? Personal assistants? Chef? Girlfriend? Boyfriend?

Regardless of what I think about the case, this hubbub about her house rental is a bit much. People just want to look for issues where there are none. She was saving money with that house considering the lifestyle that she's used to living, and really, $40,000 or so for accommodations during one of the biggest celebrity trials ever, isn't that much for a big celebrity. She did make millions from Aquaman, and her beauty endorsements. It's a different world than most of us live in. She came from nothing to get there and shouldn't have anyone tell her how to spend her money if she's not hurting anyone. (Yes, I know she owes the divorce money but right now, she has/had a trial to fight and an entourage including her baby to keep comfortable in the lifestyle they are all accustomed.) When she rented the place, she likely thought she would win. Hell, I thought she would win! Ah, how young we all were back then...before the trial began...

Are there a ton of houses to rent for six weeks in the area that she had to choose from and went for the most expensive? Maybe there were no two grand a month homes for rent in that time block for only six weeks. Some cities have a housing crisis, like we have here in Toronto. Maybe there were only a couple of houses and some were too small for however many people and even though that mansion is huge, there might not have been much in-between for that specific slot of time, for rent. I don't really know how it rolls in the world of the wealthy when it comes to property rentals. 

At any rate, getting all up about that house rental is just ridiculous. 

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest! 

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