Saturday, May 11, 2013

Give a Tarot Reading to Your Mom on Mother's Day and Help a Single Mother!

Give your mom a tarot reading for Mother's Day and help me (a single mother) get my ghost book published! A Mother's Day win-win!

I've set up an Indigogo campaign to help achieve my dream project of writing and publishing a fabulous book on ghost hunting and scary stories.

The difference between this book and my other self-published endeavors is that I'm going to be hiring an editor, a cover designer, someone to format the book properly because I will be including pictures, and any other costs that come with creating a higher quality book than what I can do by myself.

I am also raising money so that I can get back to the Lizzie Borden House to do a live radio interview with Lizzie Borden specialist, Lisa Mannetti and gather more evidence that can be included in the book. Lisa and I will be doing live tarot readings with the spirits and possibly a séance from the room where Abby Borden was murdered. This is a call-in show and you can be involved too!

For those who know me, they'll know that my job situation has been utterly dismal and getting a full time day job is very difficult for a fifty-one year old woman fresh out into the job force even though I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and several other education benchmarks. I get by with part-time jobs and editing manuscripts. If you have a manuscript that needs to be edited or evaluated or you just want a report on it, pop me an email. My rates are on the editorial services tab but like everything in life, we can negotiate.

Fundraising money will be going towards the book and all the staff I can hire, some money will go towards financing my Lizzie Borden trip, and if there's any left over, the purchase of some ghost hunting equipment so that I can continue to independently ghost hunt and write even more books and stories for you.

If I should get donations OVER my goal, I will be donating 10% of the profits to an abused women's charity.

Donations that include tarot readings start at $25. The readings can be done anytime after your donation is made and are fully transferable. No donation is too small. Even $1 is greatly appreciated!

Times are tough for us all and if we can all help each other, we can all reach our goals. If you can't donate even $1 towards my project, please take a minute to share my campaign with your friends and family.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to comment below or email me!

Thank you so very much for helping out this mom on Mother's Day!

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