Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zumba and the End Times

This picture is from the CTV site of a car that flipped into a sinkhole on Monday July 8, 2013
In my new regime to change my energy and try new things, I joined a new gym for a very cheap promo rate. On Monday, July 8, I decided to try my second Zumba class ever.

This gym has a special class room with windows that look out at the streets in three directions. When I entered the gym, it was a hot, sunny day. I played on the weight machines for about twenty minutes then hit the Zumba class. By the time the class was over, it had been raining HARD for about half an hour.

I dressed and looked for my car. I couldn't find it. I walked around the parking lot twice until I found it. It was right where I thought it should have been all along. It must have been wearing a cloak of invisibility or something. Senior brain. GAH.

It took me so long to find my car that my parking voucher had expired so I had to get clearance from security to leave. I pulled out of the underground to encounter...armaggeddon or something. The rain was so thick and hard that I couldn't see anything at all out of my windshield. I pulled over to the side of the street like half a dozen other cars and waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally, it seemed to shift slightly, just enough I thought I might just make it the few miles from Bloor to Lakeshore down Islington. I hate left hand turns at the best of times and there were several in my future.

The puddles were already very deep, so much so that I feared drowning in the right hand lane so stayed in the left where it was also deep in places.

It was only around six fifteen pm.

It had only been not even two hours since it was a brilliantly hot muggy sunshiny day.

I was first in line at the red light at Queensway and Islington. Going straight. Three lanes of traffic in each direction plus turning lanes.

As I waited, the car behind me beeped. Well, golly gee, I hadn't had a stroke at all. I really did see the lights blow out.

My heart in my throat, I made my way home in Toronto rush hour hurricane rains with no traffic lights and multiple terrifying left turns.

Even the entrance to the apartment parking lot was under water and I hoped that my engine wouldn't be destroyed.

I made my way into my hot stuffy apartment. The hallway emergency lights were actually on so that made it a bit less scary. Luckily, I had loads of candles and flashlights from all my other hobbies.

Dorian returned home from the dance studio around nine, he had a ride. He said the studio never went out at Yonge and Bloor. We all knew the subway had been down for hours.

I spent the night doing tarot by candlelight and meditating. I made notes about various ideas. I dozed on the couch because I was afraid of my room. The ceiling has been dropping down in pieces from an upstairs flood last week and no one has been in to fix it or even assess the safety of it. Good news is that I can move very soon to a vacant apartment in the building. It's going to be hard work but there's a lot wrong here now due to floods that ironically had nothing to do with the weather.

Parts of Toronto and Mississauga are still without power here on Wednesday. I see on Facebook that there are a lot of flooded basements. I'm grateful to live on the third floor and my storage unit is on an inbetween floor so that should be fine too.

My own power came on around two in the morning on Tuesday. It woke me up so I ended up staying up til dawn which didn't make for a very productive Tuesday.

They are calling for more storms tonight. It was supposed to hit at 4:30 and sure looked and felt like it. Right now, many hours later, it still hasn't rained but the wind and air feel like a storm a-brewing. Since I'm right on the lake, it may blow over me and into the city.

We'll find out!

I will say that I enjoyed my Zumba class. The teacher was very enthusiastic and it was loads of fun.

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