Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fan Expo Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear August 22 - 25, 2013



 On Thursday August 22 until Sunday August 25, hundreds of thousands of people will be lured to the behemoth convention known as FAN EXPO.

FAN EXPO TORONTO is comprised of half a dozen conventions all under one roof. RUE MORGUE'S FESTIVAL OF FEAR encompasses horror media from celebrities, movies, comic books, novels, and more.

The location at the Toronto Convention Center on Front Street under the CN Tower means that people have easy access no matter which mode of transit you choose. There are loads of hotels within walking distance as well with some offering special convention rates if you ask.

For over a decade now, local authors and international authors alike have appeared at Festival of Fear. In years past, it was challenging to find authors because they were spread out throughout the convention, wherever there might be a spot among exhibits to put a couple of tables of authors. One year a few of us were in the TELETOONS aisle, which was fun for me since I love those shows, but not conducive to flogging erotic horror around six year olds lined up for a cartoon voice actor's autograph.

Last year, they decided to put the horror authors into a cohesive section. I myself was in the main exhibit hall since I was running a commercial booth for the HORROR WRITERS ASSOCIATION. The horror authors were out in the exhibition hall in a row. It's easy to spot them but it's also easy to run on by and not notice them.

I'm not certain if the set-up will be the same again this year.

Many authors, including myself, are on panels. Check your program guide to see when and where the panel rooms are and who is speaking when!

Here are some pictures from previous years at FESTIVAL OF FEAR 


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