Monday, October 14, 2013

Stop and Breathe


It's been a heck of a year in the horror genre. I've had many friends and peers diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses. Others have died.

I want to call a stop to all the death and sadness. Yes, it's 2013  thirteen - yes. Have there been thirteen? I think there have been more just on my facebook alone.

This year, three people who had personal impact on my life in many significant ways died.

One from heart disease, one from cancer, one from alcoholism.

The heart disease friend dropped dead suddenly. One minute posting on facebook, the next minute, dead.

The cancer friend was feeling ill around this time last year, diagnosed with cancer around Christmas, had a long and painful treatment, managed to reign over his convention, Necon, in July though frail and then quietly died with loved ones a few weeks ago.

The alcoholic friend was a tragic waste. Years of self-destructive behaviour took its inevitable toll on his career, his marriage, his friends, and ultimately, his health. He was disconnected from life support last week because he had destroyed his organs beyond repair.

Life is short. Life is fleeting. Life can be hard or it may be easy. There is always change. There are always new beginnings you can create if you have your health. You never know when your last day is coming so, as the cliché goes, treat each day as your last.

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