Sunday, October 20, 2013

Full Blood Moon Charms

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During the full blood moon in Aries on Friday, I created new charms to sell in my Etsy store. Each of these little dudes comes with a coffin.

I made four black bird charms as well as the skulls. I have a few listed in my store already and will keep adding each one until they are all there.

In August,  I made New Blue Moon in Aquarius charms and they sold out before I even had a chance to post them in my Etsy store. 
Each charm is unique and powered with good intent.

Some charms are geared for money luck, others for romance. All the charms are charged with light, love, luck, harmony, good health, and more. 

Charms that have more green in them and have yellow stones (citrine) are great for   money luck and health energy. Keep them in your wealth corner or on your desk.

Charms that contain more red and pink are good for attracting romantic vibrations as well as healing broken hearts.

There are no two charms that are alike.

Each charm contains a special blend of incense for activating the full moon energy.

One day I saw a collection of Black-Eyed-Susan stems lying on the ground, the petals have fallen off weeks ago. It looked like perhaps someone had been making a bouquet, a child likely, and then dropped it (or told to stop since it's illegal in a park.) I picked up a couple of the buds and put them into my pocket. I looked up the meaning and saw "justice." I thought this would be a good addition to the full moon incense I purchased in Salem several years ago.

During the lunar eclipse, I ground the susans into the incense and put a bit into each vial for good luck.

If you put the vial on your bedroom window sill during a full moon, you can recharge it with any intent you desire. You don't have to use a money charm for money or a love charm for love. If a color or stone appeals to you, go with your gut. The vibrations of crystals operate on levels that we don't fully understand and there may be something in that vial that appeals to you.

If you want to purchase one of these Full Blood Moon in Aries charms for Halloween, birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, I will warn that these too may fly fast.
Who may want to own one of these items? Don't forget, it comes with a hand painted coffin.
Horror Fan
Horror Writer
Halloween Display
Halloween Decoration
Halloween Haunted House
Vampire Fan
Walking Dead Fan
American Horror Story: Coven Fan
Charmed Fan
Stephen King Fan
Anne Rice Fan
Twilight Fan
Harry Potter Fan
There are many types of people who may find such items an intriguing addition to his or her collection for any occasion. 
Blessed Be.

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