Thursday, January 30, 2014

Captured Souls - Samhain Publishing is Almost Here!

Captured Souls

Captured Souls is available right now as a pre-order! Be ready to read when it comes out on February 4!

After you've read Captured Souls, please be certain to leave me reviews on  your favourite sites such as Samhain, Amazon, or Goodreads. Reviews are the best feedback for an author to see what the readers like and don't like about a work. Whenever you have a minute, whip up a little review for books you've read and enjoyed or even not enjoyed by your favourite author.

One of the benefits of the new way of publishing is the ability to interact with your authors. We can't write what you like if you don't tell us!

Captured Souls is a mad scientist tale that explores themes of control, lust, and obsession in a modern setting.

"In Captured Souls--her latest erotic thrill ride, Sèphera Girón has created a terrifying new character: a female rendition of Dr. Frankenstein given to detailed scientific human experimentation combined with the sexually predatory and obsessive nature of Nabokov's Humbert Humbert. Horrific and unforgettable."
 --Lisa Mannetti, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Gentling Box and Deathwatch

A queasily beguiling blend of erotica and body horror, Sèphera Girón's Captured Souls pits a sexy female mad scientist with a literal fetish for fleshy modification against the self-set challenge of not just finding the perfect lover, but making one. Think Frankenstein in a bustier, with a cool, sleek, Cronenbergian edge. The result is an imaginative Grand Guignol freakout with porno flair, pumped full of dry black humor and nasty surprises, explicit in every way possible--overall, quite disgustingly entertaining.
--Gemma Files, Hexslinger Series

Sèphera Girón knocks that stereotypical male sexual predator on his head.  You won't find another book like this one out there.  If you want lust, insanity and horror plaited together into one easy and fun-to-read diabolical story, Captured Souls is for you! 

--Nancy Kilpatrick, Writer - Power of the Blood, Editor - Expiration Date

Tiny clip from Captured Souls

Captured Souls - Samhain Publishing

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