Saturday, May 30, 2020

Check Out These Online Courses for Writing, Tarot Card Reading, and Self-Publishing!

Do you want to learn some new skills during this Pandemic?

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who isn't juggling jobs and kids and are looking for something to do to amuse yourself while we're still in various degrees of isolation. Or maybe you already do tons of stuff but want to explore something new! Maybe you want to brush up on your Creative Writing skills. Or freak out your friends with fortune-telling!

At any rate, you know I'm a writer, a teacher, an editor, a tarot card reader, and an actor, which means I love to entertain.

I thought I'd put my various offerings on this blog page in case you're not aware of some of them.

George Brown College, Toronto

I begin my new career at George Brown College next week! You can sign up for these courses at any time, even after they've started as these are online courses! George Brown College is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, however, the courses are taught online so you can live anywhere!

Novel Writing Begins June 4, 2020. This 12-week course will help you write an original novel! In fact, if you don't have to work long hours and are motivated, you might be able to write your novel in 12-weeks as well!

Self-Publishing Begins June 1, 2020  Have you spent your pandemic time writing journals, stories, and books? Maybe now is the time to think about sharing your craft with the world in a self-published book! This 6-week course will teach you all the things you need to know to self-publish your book!

Udemy Online

Now, for more courses that I teach, let's check out Udemy!

Udemy is an online school where I've successfully taught for three years!

 Every student who takes my course is a real student. I didn't stuff my courses with non-paying students as many others do. Each student is real and all the reviews are real and quite varied as you can see for yourself. What one person loves, another person loathes!

Udemy often has sales so save the links and they will take you right to a sale when there's a sale. If you use my links, I earn more than $1 a class!

Learn How to Be a Psychic Entertainer in One Day

Learn how to read tarot cards, read a palm, and freak out your isolation family! This course is a shortcut for fun and entertainment. You can use a simple deck of cards or even make your own!

Learn to Write Erotica

If you like to read erotica, you might want to try your hand at writing it. The best writers write what they love!

Life Magic for All Aspects of Your Life

You may have read House Magic: The Good Witch's Guide to Bringing Grace to Your Space and Love Magic: The Good Witch's Guide to Healing Your Heart. This course combines ideas from these two books as well as adding fresh concepts. There's even a new lecture about living in the pandemic.

Secrets of a Background Performer in Film and Television

One of my part-time jobs is being a background performer in Film and Television. I've been on loads of shows including What We Do in the Shadows, Handmaid's Tale, Designated Survivor, Taken, Schitt's Creek, Love Guru, Titans, and more. This little course gives you tips and tricks of what is expected of you as bg, what to bring to a gig, how to get an agent, and more. Of course, it's hard to know what will happen in the film business as we slowly come back to life after the pandemic. We also have to brace for a second wave. It's unlikely that there will be huge crowd scenes for a while, but you can bet, there will be jobs once more for bg even if there are only ten people on set six feet apart! This course can help you be ready for that day!

Learn to Read Tarot Cards

This course is designed for beginners and those who want a refresher course in reading tarot cards. Of course, tarot readers and teachers all have different styles so you might want to see the methods I was trained in. You can use any pack of tarot cards or even a pack of playing cards!

So You Want to Be a Horror Writer?

We discuss the elements of the novel and some of the things you need to know to help you in your horror career.

Write a Short Story Using Tarot Cards

Grab your pen and notebook, a pack of tarot or playing cards, and see what kind of story you create! This course will be your guide!


Sephera's Patreon

On Patreon, I write journals about my life, or rather, parts that I think might be of interest to those who wonder what writers do all day, what kind of weird jobs do they have, and how do they come up with ideas. 

I share photos and videos, depending on the tier. 

If I post on YouTube, I usually post on Patreon before anywhere else. 

There are tiers for weekly and monthly tarot card readings. 

There are tiers for editing services. 

I don't work on my novels on there anymore for rights reasons; many publishers consider publishing on Patreon as published so I don't want to jeopardize my rights. However, I post any short story I'm working on, and usually, you can see different drafts. 

With tarot card readings, I will read the cards for you on video. 

For the fifty dollars and up tiers, I'll dress up in a costume as one of my characters from one of my books and read the cards for you. I've been doing that already for a few months and it's great fun. When you join, just message me who you want me to be for your weekly readings. Or you can change them up each week. 

Your patronage on Patreon means the world to me and I stay connected to my patrons!

Online Tarot Card Readings

I'm always giving virtual tarot readings, and you can find me at
Just pop me an email for rates and to set up a time on Skype or Facebook or by email. I can make you a video and send you the link, or we can interact. The choice is yours!

  • by email
  • by video
  • by Skype or Facetime or GooglePlay
  • by phone

I hope you find something useful among my offerings. These are tough times for everyone, I understand that. I'm hoping that sharing some of the skills that have taken me a lifetime to hone will benefit all of us!

Have a great day!

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