Sunday, August 6, 2023

Fan Expo Appearances


It's been a while. A lot of life changes and this and thats to deal with these days.

However, I'm super excited to be doing a few appearances at Fan Expo in a couple of weeks!

As part of the Horror Writers Association Ontario Chapter, I'll be doing a reading on Thursday night from one of my works. I've been told it can be a mature audience so I'll see what I pick. 

I might be on a panel with the HWA Ontario Chapter about ghost hunting, but I'm not sure yet. 

There will be a panel From Yellowjackets to Straightjackets: Why Do We Love Horror TV? which will be a conversation with Andrew Robertson and two other panelists about our favourite horror TV shows, and maybe even some tips and tricks about how to write for such shows as well as enjoying them. 

I'm also running a FREE Writing Workshop. I ran this course at Stokercon and it went over well. At Fan Expo, I only have 45 minutes to run the workshop, but it's interactive and you will leave the workshop with the beginning sketches of a new story or at least more of an idea about the elements of a horror short story and how to craft one. 

So for the Writing Workshop, bring pen and paper or your laptop or whatever you like to use to take notes and sketch out a story. We will be writing in class though likely there will not be time to share our work with each other this time, depending on how many students attend. 

As far as I know, I will NOT have a booth at Fan Expo this year. I understand that the HWA Ontario Chapter did not book a booth this year, either. So, you'll see me at Fan Expo at these appearances and also wandering around looking for good deals.

Keep watching my social media or the official Fan Expo Schedule Page to learn when these panels and presentations will occur. I'll update as I learn more. 

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