Saturday, August 19, 2023

Fan Expo Final Schedule 2023


Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, Ontario is coming up super fast!

I'm super excited to be on some programming!

On Thursday night at 7:30, there are three of us from the Horror Writers Association Ontario Chapter reading from our work. We each get ten minutes. I'm not sure when I go on, so come early and enjoy!

On Friday afternoon at 4:30, I'm super excited for a panel about horror TV shows. 


4:30 pm to 5:15 pm in THEATRE #6: GENERAL PROGRAMMING [South Building - Level 700, Room 711] Yellow Jackets, American Horror Story, Dahmer, Ratched, The Last of Us, Midnight Mass, and so many more keep us tuning in every week or just plain binge-watching. What is it about watching regular people slowly unraveling (or not!) as they are plunged into a horrific universe that keeps us riveted? What horror in our own lives are we keeping at bay by watching cannibalism, vampires, flesh-eaters, and more? Join us for a discussion about your favourite horror TV series and why we can't get enough! Be warned: There might be spoilers and there's nothing scarier than spoilers!

Today, we were able to confirm Lizz de Savoye of Planet Lizzdom will be joining the panel. We are still waiting confirmation for the fourth panelist. 

On Saturday at 5, we'll be running a writer's workshop. Bring pen and paper or laptop or even your phone to make notes during the exercises. The goal is to have the skeleton of a short story by the end of 45 minutes as we lead you through exercises. Don't worry, you don't have to share with the class, there isn't time. You don't have to sign up in advance and come on in even if you're running late. 
The story you work on doesn't have to be a horror story, it can be anything you want. After all, you're the only one looking at it! You do not need to have an idea for a story to do the class. We are covering the basic elements of crafting a scary short story so you can figure it out as you go along or even when you get home!

I'm planning to wander around and look at exhibits as well as this year I don't have a booth. If you see me, say hi!

I've started a Poshmark Closet as I'm at the downsizing part of my life. I have tons of items that just sit in boxes for various reasons and it's time to move them along. I'm sure most of you know how that goes!

I also source modern, interesting items at various places that I think might be of interest to some. 

Some items, whether mine or from a store, are brand new, never worn/opened, and some even have tags!

My Sephera666/Gothmother's Closet might be considered an everything store in one respect, yet in another, it has niches, as listed on the poster. 

The only thing I find difficult about Poshmark Canada is that there's no way to have separate closets for separate items. If there were categories in our actual closets of toys, clothes, and books, then that would be easier for both selling and browsing. But it isn't that, it's all about keywords. So I'm trying my best to use the keywords appropriately. 

My closet is chock full of clothes and accessories that are great for fall, Back to School, Solstice, and Halloween. There are nice pieces for cosplay, fetish play, costume parties, masquerades, goth parties, witch festivals, pagan rituals, and more. 

I'm still new at this but am trying to list new items every day. So follow me on at sephera666 

If you're new to Poshmark and buy something from any closet on the platform, you can use the code sephera666 to receive 15% off your order. 

Naughty French Maid, brand new, never worn

Ghosts on leggings!

Black dress with white cats!

Barbiecore! You'll likely need a pink skater skirt for some party or event this fall!

Cute flowered half top with buttons and a tie at the waist. Long sleeves.

Little white mini shorts work well for any costume party! The buttons are fun!

You could wear the yellow and black flowered shirt, the white hot pants and these tan leather zip-up boots then top it all off with a cowboy hat for a Western or Country look!

On my Sephera666 closet, you can bundle as many items as you like for bigger discounts. 
Also, make me an offer if you want at any time. I'm always open to offers. 

This brand-new little top is so cute. I had to buy it a few days ago so that someone can wear it. I'll never be that small. The photos don't capture the true essence of the soft, shiny material. It's like fresh mocha frosting on a cake. 

Another Barbiecore look. That pink Barbie color will be hard to find when you're looking for a Halloween costume! Great trousers for a fifties look, a country look, or just wear them because you like them!

Photos don't do justice to this nifty multilayered electrifying top. 

You can find all these pieces and dozens more over at Sephera666 at

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