Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Year End Writing Wrap Up

Well, after a bit of a slump, I guess I'm back! This is what I had published this year!

Most of these are anthologies and are packed with the creme de la creme of modern horror authors. If you're stuck on what to get that bookworm in your life, try some of these 2012 publications!

Slices of Life is an anthology chock full of 90 creepy tales by the best of modern horror authors.
My story, "All Paths Lead to Psychopath."  In matters of the heart, what is truly right and wrong?

The Unnatural Tales of the Jackalope emerged from a bit of Facebook Tomfoolery. However, there are jackalopes doing all kinds of scary jackalope things in this book.

The Haunted Mansion Project is half fiction and half non-fiction.
My non-fiction piece called "Notes from the Haunted Mansion" is a series of notes about experiences and equipment.
"The Third Room is a tale about a modern day ghost hunter and her experiences in a haunted house.

My musings on the state of love and sex and birds and bees are contained in this fictional tale.

Vanessa the witch is all grown up and still vain and selfish. She is the local tarot reader, horny and thirsty and obsessed with staying young and beautiful.

We first meet Vanessa in Eternal Sunset. She's a young lady, wondering what life is all about. Off at university, she discovers a spellbook containing the secret to eternal life. The book is her journey to collect the ingredients for the spell.

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