Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mimico Celebrates Samhain with a Pumpkin Parade

On November 1, 2013, the residents of Etobicoke brought their pumpkins to Mimico Park for a pumpkin parade.
The event had been advertised for weeks and hundreds of people arrived with pumpkins in wagons, strollers, and in their arms.
The pumpkins were assembled in lines along the band shell and in front of it. There were so many pumpkins that they surrounded the playground and paraded alongside The Birds and the Bees Coffee Shop.
Many people and animals wore costumes, the excitement of Halloween echoing through the park for another night.
Mimico park is a beautiful area, right on the lake, and as the sun set, and the jack-o-lanterns flickered, it was a magnificent Halloween sight to behold.
The pumpkin parade is a clever way to collect all the pumpkins in the neighbourhood for compost. Instead of pumpkins rotting on the porch for weeks, they are brought to the parade for one last party and then sent to the mulch pile.
Some children didn't want to sacrifice their pumpkins even though the truck was nowhere in sight. There were many parents carrying pumpkins back home again with a crying child trailing behind.
The Mimico Pumpkin Parade is a great idea on so many levels. It was wonderful to see all the different carvings and imaginations at play. It likely saves a lot of money to pick up hundreds of pumpkins in one spot and keeps the neighborhood free of pumpkin smashing vandals and rot.


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