Friday, December 12, 2014

Busy Times for Sephera

Order Borrowed Flesh Here!

The past few months have been very busy.

I'm thrilled to announce that I've signed my third contract with Samhain Horror Publishing for my erotic horror novella, A Penny Saved.

A Penny Saved is based on the nursery rhymes revolving around the concept of picking up pennies for good luck. Here in Canada, pennies were discontinued as a currency, so to find one is a curious matter. Nowadays, we find nickels and dimes.

Cora hoards the pennies she finds, wishing for power, fame, sex, and money. Lots of money.

As she realizes she can trade sex for money, she fast tracks to the top of the company in haze of bondage parties and corporate meetings. The lines between good and evil, earth and hell blur as her lust for greater and bigger deals spirals her towards darker places.

Necon eBooks have redesigned my books. Here are the first two, Borrowed Flesh and The Birds and the Bees.

This is the third set of covers for both of these books and as an author, I must say it's pretty cool to see how artists interpret my mad ramblings!

I love both of these covers and can't wait to see how they're going to redo House of Pain and Mistress of the Dark!

Order The Birds and the Bees Here!

Next Public Appearance!

I will be at Toronto Festivus Comi-Con at the Convention Center on Front Street Sunday December 14, 2014.  I will be running both the Horror Writer's Association booth and my own person booth.

If you'd like a tarot reading from me in person, this is your chance! I'm only charging $20 for a tarot reading this Sunday. I will also have some of my vials of special incense, gemstones, and other charms at a deep discount.

What's Next?

A web series segment produced and directed by filmmaker Chris Griffin called Bar Tab  is being shot in January and I get to be in it!

I'm working on a horror novel called Boy's Club.

Sèphera's Musical Muses 

Here are some of my playlists on YouTube:

Captured Souls (Samhain Horror, 2014) Playlist

Flesh Failure (Samhain Horror, 2014)

Frankenstein Compilation

A Penny Saved (Samhain Horror, 2014) 2015 

Assorted Author Readings

Boy's Club, a horror novel (WIP)

Warm It Up! 2014

If you're feeling charitable this holiday season, why not get in on Warm It Up 2014 on December 17, 2014. You can participate anywhere in the world and share your experiences on the Facebook page.

Warm It Up 2014

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