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Experiments in Terror from Samhain Horror Publishing is Ready to Order!

For Immediate Release Experiments in Terror by Sèphera Girón from Samhain Horror Publishing May 5, 2015

Format: Tradepaper
Length:224 Pages
Published: May 5, 2015
ISBN: 9781619229747

Pre Order Today from Samhain Horror Publishing:

Toronto horror author Sèphera Giron’s gothic duet Experiments in Terror from Samhain Horror Publishing examines the Frankenstein mythos; one story is from the monster’s viewpoint, the other is from the doctor’s.

“...the loving homage to Mary Shelley's seminal work Frankenstein is palpable throughout the narrative....” - Frank Raymond Michaels, reviewer

Giron returns to the horror genre with a vengeance. Experiments in Terror represents Giron’s return to full length horror and trade paper print. She is working with Samhain Horror’s Don D’Auria on more projects. The book Experiments in Terror contains two novellas, Captured Souls and Flesh Failure.

In Captured Souls, narcissist Dr. Miriam Frederick, (a modern-day University professor and mad scientist), records her musings from her secret government grant funded basement laboratory where she conducts experiments exploring human sexuality on only the best specimens; a writer, an athlete, and a model.

In Flesh Failure, Agatha wakes up in a park and realizes that not only is she now a monster, she must create a new life for herself while searching for her creator in the fog-filled streets of Jack the Ripper’s London.

Sèphera Girón is the author of over twenty books ranging from horror to erotica. She is best known for her work with Leisure Books, which has been re-released from Necon eBooks. Her newly reissued Leisure titles include House of Pain, The Birds and the Bees, Borrowed Flesh, and Mistress of the Dark.

Sèphera has self-published a few books. Weird Tales of Terror is a collection of previously published and hard to find tales as well as one horror novel.

Sèphera has served as the Canadian Chapter head of the Horror Writers Association for nearly twenty years. She runs monthly meetings for the Ontario Chapter in Toronto. You may see the chapter at events such as The Word on the Street, Fan Expo, Ad Astra, Comic-Con, and various library presentations and literary events.

Sephera also dabbles in showbiz and served as Vice President for the Meadowale Music Theatre for a few years. She also was Chairperson of the Parent Board for Cawthra Park Secondary School of Performing Arts. She has performed in many theatrical productions since she was a child. She’s also been in some movies and videos. Her most recent acting gig is as a fortune-teller in Killer Rack directed by Gregory Lamberson, coming soon to a festival near you. Girón previously worked with Lamberson as “Ruby” in Slime City Massacre (2010).

Sèphera was born in New Orleans, grew up in London, Ontario from 1967 to 1982, attended York University and graduated with a B.A., and currently resides in Toronto (Mimico). She has two adult sons. In addition to writing, she works as a freelance editor and has enjoyed helping other writers for over ten years. She also is a tarot reader and paranormal investigator.

Sèphera is available for interviews, signings, lectures, workshops, or any other type of presentations. She can discuss horror, writing, editing, self-publishing, ghost hunting, tarot reading, or any other subject related to her work. Please contact: Sèphera or

Review copies of Experiments in Terror and more information about the book’s release on May 5, 2915 can be obtained from Kaitlin Osborn, Marketing Coordinator at Samhain Publishing

Praise for Captured Souls

"In Captured Souls--her latest erotic thrill ride, Sèphera Girón has created a terrifying new character: a female rendition of Dr. Frankenstein given to detailed scientific human experimentation combined with the sexually predatory and obsessive nature of Nabokov's Humbert Humbert. Horrific and unforgettable." -Lisa Mannetti, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Gentling Box and Deathwatch

“A queasily beguiling blend of erotica and body horror, Sèphera Girón's Captured Souls pits a sexy female mad scientist with a literal fetish for fleshy modification against the self-set challenge of not just finding the perfect lover, but making one. Think Frankenstein in a bustier, with a cool, sleek, Cronenbergian edge. The result is an imaginative Grand Guignol freakout with porno flair, pumped full of dry black humor and nasty surprises, explicit in every way possible--overall, quite disgustingly entertaining.” -Gemma Files, The Hexslinger Series

“Sèphera Girón knocks that stereotypical male sexual predator on his head. You won't find another book like this one out there. If you want lust, insanity and horror plaited together into one easy and fun-to-read diabolical story, Captured Souls is for you!” -Nancy Kilpatrick, Writer - Power of the Blood, Editor - Expiration Date

Praise for Flesh Failure

“Any time you set a horror novel in Victorian London and throw in a retelling of Frankenstein and a dash of Jack the Ripper(even the Elephant Man makes an appearance), then you immediately have my interest peaked. How Giron presents this story is somewhat unique and keeps you intrigued. From the opening Giron keeps her foot on the pedal and keeps it there until it's mashed to the floor. Keeps you in suspense the whole way while you're trying to piece together what happened to our main character Agatha. Flesh Failure really was a lot of fun to read and at the same time it makes you think. It has heart and soul, I guess one could say.” - Haze Blackmon, Reviewer

“Talk about a well-written, engaging story.” - David Bernstein, Witch Island

“Girón’s language is simple but elegant, and the story progression offers some interesting surprises.” - Lisa Lane, Reviewer

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