Monday, November 30, 2015

American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 7 Flicker Recap Continues

American Horror Story: Hotel Flicker Spoilerama




As always when it comes to American Horror Story, you could spend days writing about references, symbols, cross-overs, and homages but who has time for that?

But, while I have a minute, another homage that I noticed in watching Flickers was the scene where Mr. March tells The Countess about Valentino. It had such echoes from Gone with the Wind that I actually looked for the GWTW clip on YouTube and here it is!

I'm a huge Gone with the Wind fan, I don't know why. Perhaps it was the big dresses. Perhaps it was Scarlett's drive or Rhett's tenacity in trying to get her to love him. Perhaps it was the huge scope of the film itself, the changing times, the musical score that makes me weep with its choreographed schmaltziness, or pehaps it was the tragic yet possibly hopeful ending. I read the book many times as a teenager and often will watch a part of the movie if it's on TV.  It is a horror story in many ways. Just the war scenes themselves, fiction or real, were horrific.

Evan Peters is doing a fantastic job with Mr. March, modelling him after a Gable-esque early thirties type with passion for murder. His jealousy of the Countess' love for Valentino rivals Rhett's jealousy of Scarlett's love for Ashley. 

While Rhett doesn't touch Ashley, as he knows Ashley has no interest in Scarlett, March seeks revenge on the hedonistic Valentino and his wife, and walls them into the hotel for nearly 100  years. 

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