Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Samhain Thing

Let's start with, I'm a Samhain Horror author. I was and still am delighted to have my novellas published by Samhain Horror.

I am not delighted about what happened to my beloved editor, Don D'Auria.

Most of you know by now that an editor named Don D'Auria was fired from Samhain Horror Publishing on Tuesday. Some of you knew who Don was, others had no idea that anyone cared so much about an editor.

Some have called him a "superstar" in the horror genre.

At any rate, for whatever reasons, and personally, I think it was financial, Don was let go after a few years of building a horror line for Samhain Horror Publishing.

Horror isn't doing very well these days, if it ever has. People forget that "horror genre" is a niche for some kinds of horror. The best stories of any kind usually have some horror, romance, and comedy. I know from my own royalty statements with Samhaim that horror isn't exactly in a boon this minute. Or at least my weird little stories aren't in demand, but they never were for the masses, my work is for those who like quirky. And that's why I like Samhain and I like Don. They "get" my weird little stories.

However, there are other authors in the line who don't write weird little stories but actual horror novels and they too aren't exactly quitting their day jobs. So times are tough. We know that's true in all professions these days.

So, likely, Don's salary had to go and the work will be farmed out to other editors, or maybe there'll be a new more inexpensive editor, I don't know yet.

Don bought four books from me for the Leisure line back in the day. I was so thrilled to be working with him and for Leisure.

When he moved to Samhain, and once I returned to writing horror, I worked on three novellas with him. Wherever he goes, I hope to work with him again. He's a great editor and a decent human being and I have zero doubt he'll land on his feet.

Brian Keene discusses the Samhain situation from Tuesday's point of view with a statement from Don. :The Horror Show with Brian Keene

A couple of weeks ago, Samhain marketing team contacted all of the authors about how to help promote Samhain Publishing's 10th Anniversary. One idea was to write accolades about our favourite editors, with Don D'Auria being the one for horror, on social media. I posted my accolade on Monday night. Tuesday morning I received an email from Don saying he was fired.

Oh boy. I'm still upset about it all. In fact I have quite a headache and the cold/plague/flu thing I'd almost beat came swooping back in like a falcon on a pigeon. So I'm getting nothing done at all as I'm dizzy and coughing up a lung and rather in shock about this whole state of affairs.

People get fired all the time. I doubt it was personal and likely a painful financial decision. Don will land on his feet. He'll find a fantastic job, maybe even in Manhattan again and all will be right in the horror world once more.

I have to focus on the fact that A Penny Saved is already in pre-order at a special low price and  hope this backlash against Don's firing doesn't affect this Don-edited book. Or anyone else's Don-edited Samhain Horror book.

I'm sure there's another whole year of Don-edited books to come at Samhain. A Penny Saved is the last Don-edited book I have. I didn't get A Stitch in Time finished in time. (Ah, the irony...) but hopefully Samhain will still publish it as it's a companion piece to A Penny Saved.

Maybe Don should just open his own publishing company where he's the acquisitions editor and hire all the rest of it! Anything can happen in this crazy world.

Here's the link to Brian Keene's show where he discusses Samhain and Don D'Auria as well as other news.
The Horror Show with Brian Keene

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