Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Witch Upon a Star Series has Launched!

Buy Capricorn: Cursed today!

The first book of my new Witch Upon a Star series has now launched.

Each book contains an erotic horror mystery occult astrology romance book. Although characters are threaded throughout each others' stories, each book can be read on its own. The horror element in these books is not as extreme as my regular horror work.

The stories revolve around twelve witches in a coven run by a thirteenth witch, Lucy. Each witch represents one sign of the zodiac. Each books shines a spotlight on one particular witch's love life. Once a month the coven gathers to cast a love spell for whoever has a birthday that month. These books follow the results of these spells.

Capricorn: Cursed follows Natasha who is a medium with a secret. She can channel ghosts willingly and not so willingly. She also plays the violin at various events around the town of Hermana. She met tall, dark and handsome Gus on New Year's Eve and they share a kiss before dashing away at dawn. Her passions lead down a dangerous path and she may have to finally pay the price.

The next book will be Aquarius: Haunted Heart which follows ghost hunter Madeline.

Interview about Witch Upon A Star series.

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