Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Horror Author Gemma Files Joins Patreon

Did you know that the average full-time writer earns about ten grand a year from her writing?

Most of us do other side jobs so that we can write. I myself have several little part time jobs but they still fall short of meeting my requirements if I also need to carve out time to write. I'm only one person and can only multi-task in so many directions.

Many times fans want us to write faster, and we could, if we had financial stability, or even a little bit of help.

No one is suggesting that someone or two foots the entire life bill so that a writer can live although I know many husband and wife couples where one (usually the man) is the full time author and the other foots the bills, works full time, does the secretarial work, house work, raises the kids, and so on. But most of us are NOT that lucky.

Many authors are single parents and getting a page written is a minor miracle, let alone a book.

At any rate, everyone can agree that it's difficult to get by in the current society and 12% unemployment rate.

So one way authors are trying to help themselves is to create new ways to engage with readers while earning a living.

And now, we have another author on Pateron.

Horror Author Gemma Files has now joined Patreon! Go check out her profile. Gemma is a mom and she's married but she DOES live in a horribly overpriced city, as do I!

Other horror authors on Patreon:

Sèphera Girón is giving away a chapter a month from her new Space Opera Romance. You can pay as little as $1 a month to enjoy all her notes, photos, clippings, and of course, the chapters themselves!

Brian Keene is giving away a chapter a month (minimum) from his new novel for pay-as-you-go pledges.

Caitlin R. Kiernan is on Patreon to write her new book.

Monica S. Kuebler, managing editor for Rue Morgue Magazine, is now on Patreon for financial help with her novel.

Nikki Guerlain is sharing work on Patreon.

If you know horror authors on Patreon, please leave them in the comments so we can have a list!

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