Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sephera Giron at Fan Expo with Mark Hamill and Many Others!

Sephera Giron brings you this week's Tarotscopes.

Meet Sephera Giron aka Mistress Ariana at Fan Expo in Toronto from September 1 - 5.

BOOTH 5425 in the NORTH BUILDING in the HORROR Section!

I will have a booth where I'm reading Tarot. I will be giving three lectures and am on a couple of panels.

Reading Tarot in Horror Section

The History of Carnivals and Freakshows 11:45 Room 705
Tea Leaves and Tarot Cards   1:45  Room 705
The History of Witches  3:45 Room 705

Reading tarot in Horror Section

Horror Writers Association presents Horror in These Modern Times
11:45 Room 705
Monsters Eternal with Nancy Kilpatrick, Kelley Armstrong, Sephera Giron  1:15 Room 703



I am freaking out about seeing Mark Hamill speak on the Friday afternoon at five. I bought a ticket to go and see him and I hope they let me in since I'll be running from my own presentation. I won't even have a chance to line up for a good seat! However, it will be so cool so to see one of my teen crushes in the flesh at last! I saw Star Wars the day it came out and proceeded to see it 28 times that year. Star Wars definitely influenced my life and Luke Skywalker played by Mark Hamill was my favourite character.

Sephera Giron is author of Witch Upon a Star series from Riverdale Avenue Books.

Lizzie Borden House 2016

Follow me on Patreon to see ALL of the evidence!
There was a lot of activity at the Lizzie Borden house this time around. You can see in this picture of  Kylo Ren with the K2 meter that the meter went up to five. That was a constant and you can see the video footage over at Patreon. I have a lot of evidence up behind the wall at Patreon. If you like ghost hunting evidence, you'll like some of my clips.

Here are some of the members of HWA you'll meet at Fan Expo with the exception of Monica S. Kuebler who won't be there this year.

I won't be at the Horror Writers Association booth at Fan Expo as I will have my own booth in the Horror Section.

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