Monday, December 12, 2016

The Birds and the Bees, Mistress of the Dark, Borrowed Flesh, House of Pain

Over the past few months, I've moved all of my backlist over to Crossroads Press. I hope you'll download some of these ebooks and check out my very first works. Over the next couple of years, I'll be publishing more books!

Eternal Sunset is my first published novel.
It was originally published in paperback by Darktales Books in 2000.
This is the first time it's available in ebook (where I'll actually get the royalties). 

House of Pain was my first mass market paperback. It was published by Leisure in 2001. It was published in ebook and print by Necon eBooks. Now the ebook version is published by Crossroads Press.

The Birds and the Bees was first published by Leisure Books in 2003. It was released from Necon eBooks for a few years. Now it's with Crossroads  Press.

You can help me write my new books faster sponsoring me on Patreon!

This  is a platform where people can sponsor artists and also get first look at their art.

I have been writing a couple of novels and some short stories on Patreon. You can get first look at them behind the wall.

I'm working on:

SORAN: a space opera adventure novel that will be a trilogy. I'm up to eight chapters!

TAURUS: The next book in the Witch Upon a Star series.

SEX |DOLL A-GO-GO : working title for a new erotic horror story.

GHOST: working title for a new story.

I also have been blogging there about my acting adventures and have been sharing exclusive videos and photos.



You can join for as little as $1 a month. You can quit any time. I've had many people come and go through the platform with varying levels of sponsorship. I'd love for you to be next!  I find it really motivating knowing I have to answer to my patrons!

Check me out on Patreon TODAY!

Thank you!

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