Monday, September 3, 2018

Kylo Ren and Me at Fan Expo 2018

Henry J. Bartsch from the 501st Canadian Garrison as The Last Jedi version of Kylo Ren humouring me.

There were Kylo Rens at Fan Expo 2018! Adult Kylo Rens! Men Kylo Rens! I took pictures with a couple of them. I didn't nab all of them, either because they didn't come close enough to my booth to reel them in, or my phone was charging, or they were little kids, or whatever my problem was. Sometimes I actually get shy about asking to take pictures.

Yes, big scary horror writer gets shy around people in cosplay!

Laugh all you want!

But the ones I made pose with me were very good sports about it.

Thank you, Kylo Ren Ben Solo!

Space witches ruling the Galaxy!

I was gifted my very own little Kylo mask by my son!

"Hey, Kylo! I bet I can make you forget your sister, Mary Sue, uh, I mean, Rey!"

"Okay, if she's not your sister or half-sister then she's your cousin! Search your feelings, you know it's true!"

"I'll show you the Dark Side, Kylo..."

(I believe Kylo Ren and Obi-Wan are both from the 501st Canadian Garrison as well.)

More pics from Fan Expo 2018. I didn't take a lot as I was working. I wasn't on any panels this year nor did I attend any. It was a different experience for me this year but I did well at my booth and I always enjoy watching the cosplayers wander by. Especially Star Wars and Dinosaurs. I didn't see any Planet of the Apes this year. 

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