Monday, September 10, 2018

Writers Behaving Badly Video: Share Her Journey Rally, Horror Writers, Allergies and Kylo Ren

I made a video about the latest scuttlebutt in the Horror field.

I had just come from the Share Her Journey Rally so was feeling a bit pumped up!

I also talk a bit about how my stupid allergies are ruining my life, or at least embarrassing me everywhere I go!

I know a couple of Kylo Rens probably thought I was crying for them. I get excited to see Kylo Rens, especially ones that really look like Kylo Ren without the mask, but I don't cry! ha! I'm an Aquarius, it takes a lot to make my cold, dark little heart cry!

I know the cute dude at the Koodo booth thought I was crazy with my crying eyes.

My fellow rally participants at Share Her Journey likely thought I was so moved I was crying at all the speakers!

I also keep waking up with a giant pig face and then my eyes are red and leaky all day and it's so frigging embarrassing. I've not looked like me in a couple of weeks.

I've now switched over to Benadryl which seems to work better than Claritin but I keep passing out on my keyboard so how is that good?

Onward and upward!

In the meantime, enjoy the video!

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