Thursday, August 19, 2021

Phantasmagoria Magazine Interview and Killercon Schedule!

The new issue of Phantasmagoria Magazine is just hitting the stands and there's an interview avec moi inside! I've not seen it yet so don't know what it looks like. Go grab yourself a copy and read all the cool stuff inside!

Killercon has snuck up on us this year! There's still time to grab a ticket as it's online again this year because you know why!


It's only TEN BUCKS to attend ALL WEEKEND. This includes the zoom panels, the Splatterpunk Awards, the Gross-Out Contest, and access to the Discord party rooms!

Check it out here: Killercon

Sarah Langan
John Skipp
Jeff Strand
Sèphera Girón
Michael Knost

Sèphera Girón  Friday Opening Ceremonies 10 a.m. Texas Time

                                                         Friday Hero Panel  5:15 p.m. Texas Time
                                                         Saturday Reading and Q and A  3:45 p.m. Texas Time

Pop in and out all weekend. Check out the awards! Listen to some awesome panels! Come meet and greet other horror fanatics in the Discord 24/7!
Lots of fun and only ten bucks!

I will add that I've been to Killercon a couple of times in real life when it was in Las Vegas. 
It was a lot of fun and there's always something to do. The virtual experience is that as well. You can talk to writers, artists, filmmakers, and musicians who work in or just plain love horror, splatterpunk, and other weird fiction in media of all forms. 

Hope to see some of you there!

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