Friday, December 8, 2023

What Is Serial Vlogger?

 SerialVlogger is a horror novel written in tiny slices!

What does this mean?

It means that I’m serving up a slice of a novel every week.

Serial Vlogger is a complete novel, a horror novel.

Since it’s being written as I go along, it’s akin to a first draft!

I have more than half the book written, and I know how it ends. This isn’t really a pantser experiment in case you're worried! This is a full novel. 

The idea for Serial Vlogger has been in my head for many years.

The character of Lenore (and a lot connected to her) has shown up in a couple of pitches, drafts, and ideas for other horror novels and screenplays but now she’s in Serial Vlogger.

The more time passes, the more urgency I feel about getting Serial Vlogger out as it’s a comment on YouTube culture and social media. Since these cultures change rather rapidly, I decided it’s time to just get the book out before things change again so much that people won’t “get” Serial Vlogger.  This is why I’ve decided to write it for free on Substack. It’s timely and I don’t want to wait a couple of years for it to get published.

The slices are presented for free on Sundays on Substack.

There are weeks that I miss for whatever reasons, so I make up for the absence by adding extra installments during the week to catch up when I get them prepared. For instance, there’s a slice today (December 8), tomorrow, and then we’ll be back on track by Sunday’s slice. I don't expect to miss any more weeks for a couple of months. I'm planning to preload them over the next few days.

The slices are smaller than chapters which is why I call them slices. Several slices will make a chapter. I likely won't do the chapter indicators until the book is finished and then goes through some revisions.

Serial Vlogger is my gift to you! I appreciate all my readers over the years. While Serial Vlogger is being serialized on Substack, it is free. Once it’s finished, we’ll see what comes next.

What is the Content?

You can expect a Sèphera Girón work, uncensored. Readers of my work know that they can expect social commentary, murder, ghosts, body horror, insanity, and more. Serial Vlogger will touch on ideas such as cults, serial killers, feeders, and obsession.

This is a FICTIONAL work of horror and I’m not known for playing nice or making my reader comfortable. Consider this your trigger warning or disclaimer!

Now that we’re getting up to the teens in the slice count, I expect more people will be inclined to read as they can read more of the work all at once. Some readers like their stories doled out in bits, and some like to binge. I get it!

Patrons on Patreon

All paid levels of Patrons on my Patreon get to see the work first. In fact, they've already seen a super rough version of a big chunk of what will be published over the next few months. But they also get the little slices at least one day (when possible) before it's published on Substack. 

It's FREE!

I hope you enjoy this free novel. Please subscribe for free or you can join the paid subscriber tier as a tip if you're enjoying my content. 

Please share Serial Vlogger as I’m writing it for all horror fans! 



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