Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Would YOU Give or Take for Eternal Life?

If you had the chance for Eternal Life would you take it?

I don't mean you have to die and come back as a vampire or a zombie or a shambling corpse.

I mean, if you never had to die at all because you found a loophole in the system.

Or a spell.

Would you take another life to prolong your own?

An animal?

A human?

Most of us wouldn't. I should hope that none of us ever would but of course, 4% of the population are sociopaths, psychopaths, serial killers and other types who have no conscience.

That four percent of the population is the pool where most horror authors, actually authors in general, go to play.

What fun to explore the mindset of someone so opposite to reality. Someone who is almost superhuman because of the very human qualities he or she possesses or doesn't.

The villain, of course, has to be cold and heartless, has to not care about the consequences of his or her actions.

There are many villains strewn throught the pages of literature who have pangs of remorse and guilt and know they are evil.

Are they forgivable?

Or is evil evil?

Is the giving, taking, of one life in order to prolong another acceptable in any situation?

Who are we to play God?

It's always fun to play with these themes in fiction for no one real is harmed yet we can destroy oh so many.

In Borrowed Flesh, there are people who long to play God, people who worship their Gods in strange ways, of humans who yearn for power, for love, for eternal life.

Discover who wins and who loses.

Borrowed Flesh is now available from Necon Ebooks and on Amazon and wherever else you like to buy your ebooks!

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